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Make a wish!

“Heyyy here’s your eyelash, make a wish!”

“Um, I think it’s from my nose.”

“No, it was much above your nose. Here, make a wish”

“But, where’s the eyelash? I can’t find it!”

“I can’t find it either! Forget it. Also, you don’t deserve to be blessed with such long and voluminous lashes.”


Lasagne with homemade marinara sauce


Lasagne and ravioli are my favorite kind of pasta, what’s yours? It’s so tough to find meat-free lasagne in US, even if I find one it tastes so weird.  I had some homemade marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese lying  in my refrigerator, all I needed is some pasta sheets. So, I bought these oven-ready lasagne sheets and whipped up some delicious lasagne at home. You can also add some veggies to this but I din’t add any. Here’s how I make it.

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{Sharing is Caring} Give your hair!

I was not fortunate enough to meet my great grandfather but I’ve heard a lot about him from my family, friends and so many others I don’t even know. He was or should I say is famous and he is famous for all the good reasonsHe had a big heart, he has helped so many people in so many ways. Every time people talk about him, I’m beaming with pride that I was born to such a great family. He is such an inspiration and also my role model. Speaking of inspiration, my dad was another person who was born just to give. My parents always say it’s not just about earning and living a comfortable life, one should share what they have with less-fortunate people. They never pitied them or they never expected anything in return. I guess its all about the joy of sharing/giving. I will carry my father’s legacy forward and try my best to give more to this world. I promise to give time, love, kindness, wisdom and wealth just like how my parents do. I wasn’t sure about documenting it publicly but I’m in no way bragging (firstly, there is nothing to brag) or expecting praise for doing this. It just that I’m happy when I make someone happy and I will document about it. Also, it’s always good to increase awareness and motivate people to experience the joy of giving. If you don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself. And when you do, don’t be shy or hesitate to share it with the people you know. Kindness is addictive and we never know one day you and I together can make this world a utopia that we are dreaming of.

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Fear, Anxiety and Depression.

These three words pretty much sums up my life right now. Very much common after losing your loved one I guess. I haven’t shared this anyone except my husband but here I’m sharing it with everyone I know. When I wrote about my dad’s passing here, I said I have faced the worst fear of my life and that I’m not scared of anything now. But I was only numb when I said that. Life has been tough, very tough since I lost my dad. Either I miss my dad, or the nightmares of him going through cancer and facing his impending death or my fear of losing a loved one or suffer due to illness haunts my life right now. Fear becomes anxiety and that drives me crazy. I hate the feeling of being anxious- hot flashes, heart beating too fast, breathing problem, negative thoughts and the stomach pain that kills.

I don’t express my sorrows or cry to anyone, not even to people who are very close to me. I find it tough and also when I cry all that everyone tells is something what I don’t want to hear. For me, my dad is still here in some form and I hate when people say that he’s gone and you can’t do anything about it. So I’ve decided not to talk about it to anyone because no one really understands and that’s ok. Only way I pour my heart out is by writing, so here I’m being brutally honest about my life.


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Nutella Star Bread

Around two years back, I attempted to make this bread for the first time and it turned out so well. It’s an art and this bread is truly a master-piece. I made it again yesterday with a dear friend of mine and we had such a great time making this bread. The first time I made it I din’t have the heart to cut or eat it but this time I couldn’t wait to tear them apart and eat them. You can also try making this bread with pesto or even jam too. I’ve always made it with Nutella and we love it. Here’s the recipe if you may wanna have a look.

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My Weekend in Pictures

Hello!! Anybody there?

I see that a couple of you kind souls visit my space regularly. Thank you and lots of love to you. Also, if you’re seeing this, please say hi by leaving a comment. Because I would like to know you guys.

Last few days have been crazy busy, my dad’s aunt and my uncle visited us last week and we had a great time with them. I would like to talk a lot about their visit as it was a special one for me, but that’s another post for another day. They left on Thursday and we visited my friend Soumya (remember she visited me in June? Yes it’s the same girl)  this weekend and had SO MUCH FUN! We visited Milwaukee zoo on Saturday and went for an evening stroll in Atwater beach. We had our dinner at ‘Alem’ an Ethiopian restaurant, we loved the food and their service. Too bad that I don’t have any pictures of the food because I was seduced by the food. But here are some snapshots of my weekend.

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Rava Ladoo

August 25th was my dad’s birthday, he would have been 62 this year . 🙁 and it was also Lord Krishna’s birthday. I’m not much in festive mood lately hence didn’t do much but I knew I had to make rava ladoo cos that’s my dad’s favorite sweet. And I’m sure Lord Krishna likes it too. Here’s how I make it. This is how I like my rava ladoo- moist, sweet, aromatic. Not a big fan of dry, powdery ladoo. Hope you guys like it.


{Garden To Plate Series} Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes


There’s a tomato flood happening in my backyard and we are running out of recipes. Not really. There’s so much we can do with tomatoes, Isn’t it? Planning to use up fresh as much as I can and gonna freeze the excess for later use. I have been making a lot of tomato based gravies, marinara sauce, sambar and rasam. I planned to make some bruschetta and caprese salad to go with the spaghetti pasta for dinner last night, but we loved bruschetta so much that we ODed on it and skipped the pasta. There’s something about cooking and consuming fresh veggies especially tomatoes. This bruschetta tasted much much flavorful than the ones I have had before at the restaurants(#humblebrag).  Here’s how I made it.

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