Paneer Tikki

Sometimes when I am hungry and craving food badly, I come up with the awesome recipes like this schezwan paneer and paneer tikki. I usually look for ingredients in my refrigerator/pantry and come up with recipes that are easy and quick to make. Usually it turns out good and I immediately download the recipe from my mind and jot  it down somewhere so that I can refer for later uses. I have made this paneer tikki twice and loved it and here’s how I make it. It’s really easy if you have some paneer ready. I like the taste of homamade paneer so I usually make paneer a day before and refrigerate  it. You can use store-bought ones too.


Falling for fall- Part 1


My favorite season is upon us and the Chicagoland is so beautiful this time of the year. Every corner is so instagram/snapchat worthy. We go on an evening stroll every other day and try to click pictures of the gorgeous maple trees and other Fall stuff. I was all dressed up(usually I’ll be in active wear) yesterday and H managed to get few pictures of me too.*happy dance* 😀

Speaking of maple tree, check out this DIY Wall Art that I made last year with the maple tree leaves from the backyard.



Schezwan Paneer

As much as I like cooking, sometimes laziness gets to me and pushes me into I-don’t-feel-like-cooking-today zone. Today was one such day, of course one could order ‘take out’ but when you’re too lazy to even call up and order.. Yes sometimes I get THAT lazy! I wanted to eat something paneer and this idea struck me and made this delicious side dish for hot steamed rice in less than FIVE mins. Not kidding! It’s a cinch to make and so yum. Here’s how I made it, feel free to add more veggies like bell pepper/ carrots. My bell pepper wasn’t ready to be plucked so I just added onions and spring onions to this.


Chocolate-Banana Bread

Raise your hand if you buy bananas and wait for it to ripe just so that you can whip up some yummy banana bread? I’m raising both hands here! How many of you think that the rate at which the banana ripens is indirectly proportional to your enthusiasm for baking? It’s so true in my case. Some days I want to bake so bad but the bananas decide to test my patience and ripe at the sloth pace. That’s what happened this time when I bought bananas JUST to make banana bread and they made me wait hopelessly.


{Garden to Plate Series}Channa Masala in Instant Pot

What is that one food item that you don’t mind eating all day everyday, apart from pizza of course? Let me know in the comments. If you ask me, I would say anything that’s made out of lentils.. Channa/rajma/black channa/green gram masala, patties,  hummus, sundal- I love them all!!


I used homegrown onions, tomatoes and green chilies in this recipe.I had to say it. 😛

Check out my other gardentoplate recipes.I made this channa masala in my Instant pot and it turned out so good!! If you don’t have an instant pot, you can follow the same recipe in your good ol’ pressure cooker. Here’s how I made it.

Check out my other InstantPot recipes.

October Favorites

Hello, hello!

Today has been such a bad day and I have nothing/no one to blame for it but myself. But, it’s okay. It’s okay to be not okay sometimes. After several hours of non-stop weeping, mascara smudging, nail-biting later; I’M FINE!! It’s just one of those days. Here I am all snuggled up on a gloomy October noon, making a list of current favorites. We are just 11 days into October and I already know what my favorites are. There’s something fun about making lists or ISITJUSTME? Anyhoo, here are my favorites..

Make a wish!

me: “Heyyy here’s your eyelash, make a wish!”

him: “Um, I think it’s from my nose.”

me: “No, it was much above your nose. Here, make a wish”

him: “But, where’s the eyelash? I can’t find it!”

me: “I can’t find it either! Forget it. Also, you don’t deserve to be blessed with such long and bushy voluminous lashes.”


Lasagne with homemade marinara sauce


Lasagne and ravioli are my favorite kind of pasta, what’s yours? It’s so tough to find meat-free lasagne in US, even if I find one it tastes so weird.  I had some homemade marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese lying  in my refrigerator, all I needed is some pasta sheets. So, I bought these oven-ready lasagne sheets and whipped up some delicious lasagne at home. You can also add some veggies to this but I din’t add any. Here’s how I make it.