My not-so-funny disorders!

Happy December youguys!

I’m not proud of these but it’s not that severe to the extent that I need medical help. I find it funny sometimes and wanted to just jot down my not so severe, funny, annoying disorders.


Do you see anything annoying in the picture? I mean apart from the fake smile and the hair elastic on my hand. Let me know in the comments and if you don’t find any then you are OCD free my friend! Stay blessed!

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Therattipal in Instant Pot

Growing up, we always used to buy therattipaal/palgova since it’s very labor-intensive to make at home. Now that I have my magic wand, I whip up foodgasmic therattipaal in my Instant pot in just SIX minutes!! I got this recipe from my friend and tried it immediately and have been hooked to it since then. We love how easy and delicious it is and all we need is just 3 ingredients! You can also make this in microwave but I choose IP over microwave any day.

Check out my other Instant Pot recipes here.


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Beetroot Hummus

I’m that annoying kid who is a picky eater and hates vegetables. But since the time I started cooking, I’ve figured a way to eat my veggies. I either mash them and make cutlets, puree them into a smoothie or grind them to a hummus where you can’t really taste the veggies but all the goodness are getting in. So yeah, I’m proud of myself. ๐Ÿ˜€

I have made roasted beetroot hummus and roasted red pepper hummus, this time I just microwaved beets for couple of minutes and pureed it along with the rest of the ingredients. Absolutely loved the taste and look at that color!! Here’s how I make it.


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Of dreams and smiles

I get bizzare dreams all the time but this year it’s been mostly about my dad. Initially it was tough, it’s like he’s talking to me in dreams only to wake up to harsh reality that he is no more. I have cried so many days, every morning was a heart-breaking one after a dream. but suddenly I wasn’t getting any dreams and I started to miss those dreams. Now I get them once in a while and I’ll wake up all happy and cherish those dreams. Those dreams are like the precious moments where I feel I can still hangout with my dad.

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{Garden to Plate Series}Veggie Burger with Aloo-Beetroot Patty

I’m a burger lover, I LOVE LOVE burgers with veggie patty of course. It’s a sad thing that there are very less options for us vegetarians in US when it comes to burger. I have eaten black bean burger which is vegetarian but it just doesn’t cut it for me. I love me some potato patty in my burger so I make my own and here’s how I make. It’s worth the effort guys and homemade burgers are the best! Try it!


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Vegan Coconut Pancakes with Mango Sauce

It finally feels like Winter here in Chicago, temperature is dipping and my trenchcoat+beanie+gloves are out! Not really complaining since this is my fifth winter here and I’m kinda used to it. We went grocery shopping on Saturday and was surprised to see mangoes and pineapple and grabbed them, I love me some tropical fruits in Winter. Also, those vegan scones from last week got me thinking.. What other ways can I make a delicious breakfast that are also Vegan? I vaguely remember seeing this recipe somewhere, can’t remember where but it came out just the way I wanted.


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Blog Updates

  1. So if you have been following my blog since quite sometime, you would have noticed that I’m torn between this theme and the one I had before this. Personally, I love the other theme better but only downside is it doesn’t have any sidebar. So I’m back to square one now and not really happy about this theme but I’ll keep it and I’m planning to DIY a theme for myself. Let’s see how that goes and so until then this is how it’s gonna be. So that’s that.
  2. I created a Facebook Page so that it’s easy for my friends to follow the blog updates. So if you haven’t liked it yet, come say Hi and show some love. Thank you! :*
  3. And, if you’re not on Facebook, you can follow me on Google plus. Also, just so you know I’m also on Instagram,ย Pinterestย and Snapchat(id: sssslurp)
  4. Also, I wanted to thank everyone who has been kind enough to comment or message me saying nice things about the blog. It really picks me up and makes me so happy, you have no idea. So thank you thank you thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. And and before I forget. Type this ‘Bisibelebath in Instant Pot’ in your google search bar. ๐Ÿ˜€ Look what pops up first! YAY! #smalljoys

I just wanted to share these with you guys and again thanks for visiting. Have a good day/night!

Everything’s gonna be OK!

I woke up happy today, happy for no reason followed by goofy greetings from the husband which made me giggle so much. I turned on ‘Latika’s theme song from Slumdog Millionaire‘ and checked the comments on my recent blog post ย which always makes me happy. I quickly brushed and came down to pack lunch for H, made a bigass sandwich for him and sent him off to work. Usually, I come back grab some coffee and browse or reply to comments/messages. So today when I went to grab my coffee mug I saw this random string lying in my kitchen window.

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