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{Garden To Plate Series} Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes


There’s a tomato flood happening in my backyard and we are running out of recipes. Not really. There’s so much we can do with tomatoes, Isn’t it? Planning to use up fresh as much as I can and gonna freeze the excess for later use. I have been making a lot of tomato based gravies, marinara sauce, sambar and rasam. I planned to make some bruschetta and caprese salad to go with the spaghetti pasta for dinner last night, but we loved bruschetta so much that we ODed on it and skipped the pasta. There’s something about cooking and consuming fresh veggies especially tomatoes. This bruschetta tasted much much flavorful than the ones I have had before at the restaurants(#humblebrag).  Here’s how I made it.

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Smile please!!

I have been meaning to write this post since last week but here it is finally. Here’s a short sweet story that I want to tell you all.


H and I love going for an evening stroll everyday and we really like the energy and vibes that place gives us. We have been going almost everyday this Summer and there are couple of people who we bump into everyday. I’ll tell you a bit about each one of them.Read More …

{Garden To Plate Series} Marinara Sauce with Fresh Tomatoes

We have been harvesting a lot lately and I have been cooking  a lot too but the bad news is I couldn’t take pictures. I somehow managed to take pictures of this and here’s the blogpost.  At our home, there’s nothing like too many tomatoes.


And when we have too many tomatoes, we make sauce out of it and enjoy it later. I love this pizza sauce that I made last year and this time I made this delicious marinara sauce. Although it’s not garden to ‘plate’ oh well, I’m gonna add this recipe to the series. Here’s how I made it.

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Chocolate Cashew Butter

Image-1 (4)

This was on my to-do list since God knows how long! I’m so glad I finally whipped this yummy spread that I can now use on bread or oat meal. This is similar to peanut butter or almond butter but I took it up a notch and added some my favorite, your favorite and everyone’s favorite CHOCOLATE! It’s a cinch to make and I will now never ever buy any of these butter from store. Also unlike store-bought ones, these will not have those no hard-to-pronounce ingredients which freaks me out! You can easily alter the ingredients according to your wish. Here’s how I made.

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{Garden To Plate Series} Peas and Corn Pulao.


My dad was an avid gardener and I have acquired this hobby from him I guess. I love how it is helping me beat anxiety and depression. I do miss my dad a lot especially his tips and suggestions but for the most part it brings beautiful memories and relieves stress. To be honest, the only positive thing happening in my life right now is seeing these veggies grow. Growing your own veggies and fruits and cooking with those fresh produce is so much joyful. I’m lucky that the hubster is an avid gardener too. We enjoy gardening together and consider ourselves lucky to be sharing the same hobby. Read More …

Rajma Masala in Instant Pot

Rajma or kidney beans is very healthy and one of my favorite legumes. Rajma Masala screams comfort to me and I make very often since it’s our favorite. This is my first time making rajma in my Instant Pot and it turned out so well. We usually enjoy it over roti or hot steamed rice or quinoa. Here’s how I made it. If you’re scouting for Instant Pot recipes, here’s few.

Bisibelebath in Instant Pot

My fav Instant Pot Recipes



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DIY Cinderblock Planter

I came across this idea on Pinterest even before we moved to our own home. I knew for sure one day I would execute this project. It’s been a lil over an year since we moved to our own house and I finally got this done in June. And I love how my version turned out! Guests who visited us adore it and it’s a great conversation starter. Apart from how cool that looks and how easy it is to make it’s also very inexpensive. I have been contemplating on whether or not to paint it hence the delay for this post . I would like to keep it this way for now and here’s how we made it. You can create your own design or just copy this.


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Strawberry Crisp


I’m flooded with negative vibes sometimes and it’s really scary and stressful. I try to shoo them away by practising mindfulness. I do a lot of  gardening, walking and baking. It really helps me relax and therapeutic. I know it totally doesn’t sound anything like me but I guess it’s part of grieving. Last week I baked whole wheat buns and this week I baked this delicious dessert- Strawberry Crisp. Read More …

Bisibelebath in Instant Pot


So, last week I told you guys that I received my IP and would like to try these recipes. I just go to try yogurt and bisibelebath as of now, both came out well. I tried using part rice part quinoa combined with toor dal and loved how it turned out. You can use just rice and dal too.I’m using my mom’s bisibelebath powder here. Let me know if you’d want the recipe, I can get it from my mom. Here’s how I made it.

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