Baha’i House of Worship

Hello World, So, after a long vacation in India, I’m back to the nest(Chicago). Baha’i house of worship was in my ‘travel bucket list’ since long time and I’m glad that I could finally visit this beautiful place. It’s located in Wilmette, IL. (northern suburb of Chicago).

For those who are new to Baha’i faith, do read this. People around Chicagoland and those who plan to visit Chicago must explore this place! After all it’s one of just 7 temples around the world, this one being largest and the oldest. Beautiful architecture,calm & serene surroundings makes it perfect for meditating- it’s my happy place and makes me wanna visit more!

Now, let the pictures speak for themselves.

And oh, the other 6 locations.. Kampala, Uganda. Sydney, Australia. Hofheim-Langenhain, Germany. Panama City, Panama. Tiapapata, Samoa. Delhi, India.

Hope you get to visit at least one of these.

Bye. – A

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