25 random things about me!


OK guys here it is.. 25 random things about me whether you want to know or not. 😀

  • I lived in Bangalore for 7 years and loved it. I miss it badly!
  • I’m fluent in 5 languages- English, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi & Sarcasm.
  • I sing in public. I don’t care you like it or not. Shameless like that.
  • I’m goofy and only my dear ones know that side of me.
  • I LOVE fruits. I can survive on them.
  • I use a lot of emoji while texting.
  • I have two three best friends.
  • When I really really really like a song, I play it on repeat until I get bored of it..
  • I like to be funny but often misunderstood by others.
  • I have  a love-hate relationship with my bangs.
  • My favorite TV Show is  FRIENDS and my favorite character is Joey. 😀
  • I love blue skies and palm trees, reading letters/mails from loved ones, unwrapping gifts..
  • I mingle with almost anyone. *conditions apply
  • I find folding laundry therapeutic. OK who am I kidding? I HATE IT!!
  • I started taking selfies *way* back, even before it became a thing.
  • I like the smell of nail polish, kerosene and paint.
  • I prefer cool weather. Hate hot weather and humidity.
  • I’m scared of dogs & cats. But extremely jealous of people who aren’t.
  • I people-watch a lot and I get lost making up stories while watching them..
  • I like shopping clothes & home decor. I can shop till I drop.
  • I prefer android but I bought iPhone 6s just because it’s ROSEGOLD.
  • I prefer desserts for breakfast. Nothing fancy. Just a bottle of Nutella would do. Or a handful of Froot loops..
  • I CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT stand the taste of alcohol/milk/eggplant. Even writing about them makes me feel sick.
  • I’m obsessed with the color black . Own a lot of black clothes.
  • I enjoy entertaining babies. Hate it when they sleep!
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