DIY Fall Leaves Art



What is your favorite season of the year? For me it’s Fall. There’s something about Fall which makes me happy.

We have this huge maple tree in our backyard which turned orangish-red. It was heartbreaking for me to rake those beautiful leaves and trash them. Did you know people actually sell these leaves and charge you a bomb?Look at this. Dang, if only I had known this before.. Anyhoo, since it’s our first Fall in our new home, I wanted to preserve some leaves as a keepsake. I pressed the leaves by keeping it in between the book and then glued it to a canvas. That would make  a wonderful wall art and adds that Fall flair to your home.


Here’s how I made it..


  1. Fall leaves
  2. Mod Podge (glossy finish)
  3. Brush
  4. Canvas
  5. A heavy book


  1. Press the leaves by keeping them in between the pages of a  heavy book until they are dry.
  2. Apply Mod Podge using the brush to the back of the leaf and place it on the canvas. Let it dry for 15 mins.
  3.  Apply more Mod Podge over the leaf and let it dry for 15 mins and repeat it once more.
  4. Now, your wall-art is ready to be displayed and Instagrammed.
fall_decor   You can even do it on a photo-frame instead of canvas. I’m planning to do that too. Also, let me know if you want these leaves.. 1 comment=1 leaf. Deal? 😀 fallleaves_art  
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2 thoughts on “DIY Fall Leaves Art

  1. Wall art is a good idea, but, that selling leaves is a brilliant idea, I say! 😀 Next time, how about collecting leaves in different colors (from each stage) and then turn them into an art? Adding more colors you see 😉

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