In my cocoon



Welcome to my cocoon!

What exactly is my cocoon?

A beautiful space or a bubble I built for myself in last couple of months. You guys know that I lost my dad recently, my life has changed drastically ever since. I’m in a confused state right now figuring out things one day at a time. Although this world and life seems pointless to me right now, the only place where I can be myself is my cocoon. I’m gonna take you guys with me on a guided tour. Welcome to my cocoon, guys. Come on in.

OK First things first,  GOOD VIBES ONLY. So, please enter only if you’re filled with good vibes.. I’m sure you have plenty and I need them badly.

Who lives in my cocoon?

Me, my parents, my brother, my husband, my best friends(you know who you are), my inlaws and family in general.

Am I happy in my cocoon?

I’ve almost forgotten what happiness feels like but universe often cheers me in the form of blue skies, butterflies, breeze, music, birds and animals.

So, am I sad most of the time?

As long as I’m in my cocoon I’m comfortable. There are times I miss my dad deeply and sob for a long time. I try my best to stay positive most of the times.

What makes me sad?

That I don’t have a dad anymore (but most of the times I think that he’s here). Some of them in my cocoon even after knowing what exactly I’m going through have hurt me with their words and actions intentionally or unintentionally.

What do I do for my mindfulness?

I do gardening, blogging, cooking and laze around in my backyard.

What am I grateful for?

I’m extremely grateful to my husband who’s been so understanding & loving, my friends who are always there for me day/night whenever I need them. Also, grateful to few frenemies who have kept themselves aloof from me for my own good. That’s the best you can do to me. Thank you!

When will I come out of my cocoon?

I’m not ready to socialize or go on a vacation or shopping yet. These things which at one point of time used to make me feel happy, now gives me panic attacks. I’m better off in my own cocoon happy/sad. I have no idea when I can come out of my cocoon.

What irritates me?

Negative vibes, bullies, people who crib for silly things, people who try to drain my energy that I’ve gathered with so much effort.

What cheers me?

Birds, squirrels, old pictures, walking with music in my ears, long phone calls with my mom.

That’s it I guess, we have come to the end of it. You may visit me again as long as you are full of good vibes to cheer me! 🙂

 Until then,


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2 thoughts on “In my cocoon

  1. What you’ve done here is actually a very effective exercise. I’ve read that listing down your likes and dislikes in this format helps you understand what exactly you’re dealing with, and even prepares you to deal with your emotions better. Good going!
    By the way, I see you like squirrels. I thought they were cute too till a whole family of squirrels invaded my “romantic” breakfast facing the see with Shane, just two days after our wedding. I swear one of them was totally checking out my boobs. I don’t know why I’m telling you this but BEWARE of squirrels! They’re not as innocent as they seem

    1. I like clarity(you know that 😉 ), hence I end up sorting out things like this. It really helped me and others understand what I’m going through since I could only open up verbally.
      LOLkita! They did that to you guys? Bummer!
      I’m sure they’re not even remotely innocent, they make me run around the lawn like a crazy person.

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