Healthy Snacking and a FREE Graze Box for you!

image1 (11) Raise your hand if you like snacks. Now raise your hand if you like healthy snacks. If you been noticing my food habits lately, I’m getting very particular about healthy eats. A girl who once used to love eating butter+sugar laden cakes, now says ‘ no, thank you’ happily. I love my body and I just cannot dump anything that’s harmful to it. I feel great that I have switched to healthy eating. Just so you know healthy is NOT even remotely synonymous to boring but can be really fancy. Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat to have a peek at what I have. I’m a big snackoholic (is that a  term yet?) and I cannot lie. I need something or the other to munch on every few hours to keep me sane. Usually my snacks consists of trail mix, chips n guac/hummus or just fruits. I’m also a sucker for subscription boxes and especially when it’s food snack related, I go crazy! I wanted to try Graze since long and finally ordered my first Grazebox and oh boy, did I love it or what? Graze Grazebox sends you 8 delicious and healthy snacks and gotta give them brownie points for ultra cute packaging. So Instagram worthy! image2 (9) It’s  a perfect grab n go snack for your work/ school/netflix binge. Because I love Graze so much and I love you guys even more than that, I’m excited to give you a free box. Try it and if you like it you can continue subscribing it. Stay healthy, stay happy! IMG_2886 My favorites Snickerdoodle dip with pretzel sticks. This dip is finger-licking yum. *slurp* Deconstructed White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. The cheese board. Flapjacks. Here’s a free box for you! Thank me later. 🙂

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