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0081034747308_500X500 Call me ignorant, but did you guys know the real meaning behind the brand name ‘Bru’ ? Umm.. Bru who? Meet Bru. It’s an instant coffee brand and I’m sure my Indian friends, well atleast South Indian friends know about it. Do you guys know why it’s called bru? I think I know why it’s called so. *smug face* Have you guys ever heard of the word ‘brew’? Duh! Freshly ‘brew’ed coffee, lemme ‘brew’ some coffee for ya.. Get it? brew=bru. giphy ZOMG! DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT?!! Ok now you know! If you guys already knew, sorry for wasting 2 mins of your time : Ok let’s go do something productive now. Have a good rest of the week. Bye! 😀
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