amrakhand It’s raining mangoes in India and how I miss being in India now. Only good thing about Indian Summer is Mangoes, agree? If you know me well you know that I love fruits, mango especially. I’m a sucker for anything mango- raw mango, ripe mango, mango lassi, mango milkshake, mango sambar, mango pickle, you name it. Amrakhand is an ubiquitous Maharastrian/Gujrathi sweet made of hung(thick) yogurt and mangoes. It’s basically Shrikhand plus mangoes hence amrakhand. You can devour it just like that or you can eat it with roti or poori. Here’s how I make it. You will need : Yogurt- 1 cup Mango pulp- from 1 mango Sugar- 1/4 cup or as required Cardamon powder/elaichi- 1/4 tsp A pinch of saffron METHOD
  • Pour the yogurt to a muslin/cheese cloth and hang it for 2 hrs to separate it from whey.
  • Add the thick/hung yogurt to a blender with other ingredients except saffron.
  • Blend or whip it until smooth and creamy.
  • Transfer it into a bowl and sprinkle the saffron.
  • Chill and serve it with rotis/pooris.
NOTES You can also use canned pulp. You can skip the mangoes if you don’t like(what a shame) and can still devour the shrikhand. mango_shrikhand
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