Conversations Between Amma Appa

There must be someone in your life who tickles your funny bone right? For me, it was my dad, he had an amazing sense of humor and my mom, not so much. So there used to be loads of funny things going around the house and I’m listing few of them here.

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  amma– I keep asking for a car every year but you show no interest whatsoever. Why don’t you own a car like normal men do? appa– See, if we own a car, we own only ONE car and have to drive that same car every time. But if we don’t, then we can rent different kind of cars every single time. What say? *SMUG FACE*
appa– Can you bring me one more dosai? amma– yes yes coming appa– Can you put more chutney? amma– yes yes wait appa– Can you get me some water? amma– I HAVE ONLY TWO HANDS OK!! PLEASE WAIT! appa– Can you also get the BP monitor while you get some water?
  appa – Look I got you these sarees from Jabong. amma– chiii.. this one is so bad. You have such a bad taste I tell you!! appa– Hey! Don’t say that. You’re one among my choices. *wink wink*
amma– Can you please stop farting so loudly? appa– *farts again* Is the volume OK now?
amma– Are you writing down the matrimony id’s of guys in that book? *happy face* appa– No I’m making note of Farmville neighbors. amma– *chandramukhi face*
appa– I think I need to get my haircut. amma– Are you crazy? You just got one 3 weeks back also there’s not much hair on your head anyway!! appa– ammu, did you also feel the tremors? Is it because of earthquake or your mom’s high pitch voice?
appa (on his way to office) to newspaper distributor- Can you give me my paper here itself? newspaper guy- Um. Who are you? amma (from the balcony)- hey chotu, he’s my husband, you can give the paper to him.No probs. newspaper guy- Oh your husband, aunty? Sure, I would give it to him. appa– Haha now you know me! *grins*
Ugh, I wish I could explain it better but I promise the realdeal was 1000x hilarious than this! We miss you appa! :*
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8 thoughts on “Conversations Between Amma Appa

    1. Haha. Seriously, it was wayyy funier in person and their expressions were so funny too. Thank you for stopping by, Padma! 🙂

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