ASSes Meetup

FullSizeRender (1) Meet ASSes! We named ourselves ASSes not because of what you think it is(Hello Dirtymind!) but here’s our logic. A for Aishwarya S for Soumya S for Shruthi And as a group we are ASSes! We know each other from as much as I want to say College, but it’s Amrita ‘school’ of engineering. We were just hi-bye friends in college. They thought I’m a Kannadiga (don’t blame them, I can be misleading sometimes) whereas I’m a Tamilian. I thought Soumya was very shy and reserved kind of girl but nuh uh, she is the totally opposite. Hehe don’t hate me Sou. And I thought Shruthi was very kind and sweet girl who actually is wayyyy sweeter than I thought she was. We got to know more about each other after coming to USA. If I had a penny for every friendship that blossomed after moving abroad, I would be millionaire by now. One such is ours. 😀 Fortunately we lived in the same city and could meet often and the best part is our husbands bonded well too. Eventually, Shruthi moved away to a different city and we couldn’t meet much like before. Every time when Soumya and I met, we talked about Shruthi and wished she could join too. Those were the good times and they were a huge part of it. Then came the Tsunami in my life, I lost my dad. These two are still there for me even in my bad times and they make sure I’m taken care of. Soumya was planning to visit me and I was eagerly waiting for it. Remember I told you that Shruthi surprised me by booking tickets for the same weekend? Yes, last weekend was that weekend and oh boy, one helluva weekend that was. We talked so much like we slept around 2am and woke around 7am and had lunch at 3pm and dinner at 11pm. You get the idea, don’t you? Talked about life, college, other friends, family,politics, food, celebrities and I might have promoted Snapchat a tad bit too. I took them to my favorite Thai place and I’m so glad that they loved the food there just like I do. I feel so much better after meeting these two soulsisters of mine. It was a much needed emotional detox for me and so blessed to have these two ASSes in my life. I might have cried a lil bit too much after they left.  Thanks for visiting youguys! I LOVE YOU to the moon and back. image3 (6) image2 (13)

image1 (18)      We missed you Deepak!

                                   IMG_3510image5 (3)
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