Fruit Pizza

Summer is here baby, my favorite time of the year! All of my favorite fruits are in season now and I’ll take full advantage of that. I don’t know about you, I crave for something sweet after every meal. Now that the mangoes, berries, peaches are in season, I’m satisfying my cravings with these delicious fruits. Today, I was a zombie since morning and needed a pick-me-up and for me that means something to do with food. I came up with this with whatever I had in my refrigerator. I loved it! Fruit Pizza- a delicious, healthy and look at that, oh-so-pretty. I almost din’t have the heart to eat them. It’s perfect treat for a summer get-together, pool party or even a great activity to do with your kids. here’s how I ‘made’ it. Cut the watermelon like a disc atleast 1 inch thick. Now top it with the fruits you have. I added some strawberry, mint and coconut. Slice it like pizza and serve. That’s it! Enjoy! 🙂 fruit_pizza
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