5 Things To Do With IKEA Cork Trivet

IMG_3573 Remember I painted these cork coasters few days back and I was yet to paint the trivets. I was kinda procrastinating on painting the trivets. A family friend of ours were visiting us from San Francisco last weekend and I wanted to gift her something which was ย handmade. I painted the trivet with a sharpie and I love how it looked. Now that it’s painted pretty, it can be used as
  • Trivet duh :P- Yeah, painted trivets > plain ones, right? So why not.
  • Wall Art– Decor on a dime. Just hang them on a plain wall and tada your plain boring wall gets an instant makeover!
  • Jewelry Hanger– Press some pushpins through the cork and hang your jewelry. While you can’t display all of your jewelry, just a couple of them would look so chic.
  • Key Hanger– Instead of jewelry, hang some keys. Makes a good decor for your foyer.
  • Memo Board– You can use it to stick post-its for your office or kitchen.
I have been so blank and completely zoned out lately, just wish I could write this post better with more pictures. Hope you are doing good. ๐Ÿ™‚
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