My name gets butchered.

My name is Aishwarya and it gets butchered all the time. “Icewarya” “Ashwarya” “Ashley” “Aishweria” These are the top four worst versions of my name. Ugh! The struggle is real!!!!!!!! Not trying to kill you with those unnecessary overdose of exclamation marks but that’s how I cringe! In fact there are very few people who call me by my real name, I have like zillion nick names but that’s another story for another time.. I understand if Starbucks gets my name wrong because that’s their thing. I understand even if non-Indians get my name wrong since its foreign to them. But my fellow Indian friends, WHY?!!!! It’s not like my name is very tough or unique. I know like(count the number of times I used the word “like” in this post) more than 10 AISHWARYAs myself. So guys, please please Please PLEASE please please please try NOT to butcher my name. Thanks in advance, Lots of love, A I S H W A R Y A!
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2 thoughts on “My name gets butchered.

  1. LOL… I totally relate to this feeling.. my name getting butchered is acceptable to certain extent given its rarity (if I may say so) but yours!! one of the most common names.. sad sad… and having said that, don’t expect me to switch over.. I will continue to call the way I do 😛 It is one of the zillion nick names you have 😀

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