DIY Cinderblock Planter

I came across this idea on Pinterest even before we moved to our own home. I knew for sure one day I would execute this project. It’s been a lil over an year since we moved to our own house and I finally got this done in June. And I love how my version turned out! Guests who visited us adore it and it’s a great conversation starter. Apart from how cool that looks and how easy it is to make it’s also very inexpensive. I have been contemplating on whether or not to paint it hence the delay for this post . I would like to keep it this way for now and here’s how we made it. You can create your own design or just copy this. cinderblock_planter You will need:
  • Cinderblocks- single and dual
  • Landscape adhesive and caulking gun
  • Metal sheets. ( I found rectangular metal sheets in Home Depot)
  • Plants and soil
  • Firstly, sketch a design you want on a paper and get your cinder blocks accordingly.
  • Apply the adhesive on the cinder blocks using the caulking gun and cover it with metal sheet.
  • Let it dry and make sure it is secured well. This is to make sure the bottom is covered to hold the plants.
  • Now bring in your design that you have sketched and assemble the cinder blocks accordingly.
  • Apply some adhesive in between the blocks too once you are happy with your design.
  • Now add in some potting soil and plant your plants.
cinderblock_diyDIY_planterpatio_planter And some succulents succulents_planter
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