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I have been meaning to write this post since last week but here it is finally. Here’s a short sweet story that I want to tell you all. IMG_20130812_193158 H and I love going for an evening stroll everyday and we really like the energy and vibes that place gives us. We have been going almost everyday this Summer and there are couple of people who we bump into everyday. I’ll tell you a bit about each one of them.
  1. Asian guy– There’s this Asian guy(must be in his 40’s) who cycles very fast and always smiles at us.
  2. A father n his skinny daughter– There’s this desi dad n daughter #adorable. Dad always smile at us and says “HULLO” while the skinny daughter is busy talking to him.
  3. Mike Tyson– Well not the real one but this guy looks JUST.LIKE.HIM!! He gives us a short smug smile.
  4. Open Shirt Guy– This person( must be in his 60’s) cycles everyday with his shirt open and a hat on his head. I smile at him but he NEVER smiles back. He doesn’t ignore either. He looks at us, straight into eyes but never smiles. I always used to wonder why do some people find it hard to smile. But when I lost my dad, it was hard for me to smile at strangers in public. I had to make an effort to even smile. So I felt there might be something wrong that he can’t smile. But I never quit smiling at him. Last week, when we spotted him, as he was approaching near us he removed his hat for some reason and gave me a big wide smile. I was so elated and asked H, DID YOU SEE IT?! He smiled at me today!! Finally!! I don’t know why it means so much to me. It might rather sound silly to you all. But I can never forget that smile!!
I never knew that the simple smile..
  • can brighten my day.
  • can calm my fears.
  • can soothe my grieving spirit.
  • quench the craving soul.
Thanks for smiling at me, open shirt guy! Smile more please.
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