{Sharing is Caring} Give your hair!

I was not fortunate enough to meet my great grandfather but I’ve heard a lot about him from my family, friends and so many others I don’t even know. He was or should I say is famous and he is famous for all the good reasonsHe had a big heart, he has helped so many people in so many ways. Every time people talk about him, I’m beaming with pride that I was born to such a great family. He is such an inspiration and also my role model. Speaking of inspiration, my dad was another person who was born just to give. My parents always say it’s not just about earning and living a comfortable life, one should share what they have with less-fortunate people. They never pitied them or they never expected anything in return. I guess its all about the joy of sharing/giving. I will carry my father’s legacy forward and try my best to give more to this world. I promise to give time, love, kindness, wisdom and wealth just like how my parents do. I wasn’t sure about documenting it publicly but I’m in no way bragging (firstly, there is nothing to brag) or expecting praise for doing this. It just that I’m happy when I make someone happy and I will document about it. Also, it’s always good to increase awareness and motivate people to experience the joy of giving. If you don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself. And when you do, don’t be shy or hesitate to share it with the people you know. Kindness is addictive and we never know one day you and I together can make this world a utopia that we are dreaming of. Last year around this time I decided to grow my hair long enough to gift it. For those who are wondering who do I gift my hair to, it’s for people who lost their hair due to illness. There are several organisations who make beautiful wig out of the hair we send them and give it to the people who need them. img_3965 So I cut 10 inches of my hair to send it to ‘locks of love’ organisation but…. image1-4 So I ended up sending my hair to ‘Pantene Beautiful Lengths’ as they give it free to the patients and that’s how it’s supposed to be, right? You just have to put the hair in a plastic bag and put it in an envelope and mail it to them. As simple as that. Also, the minimum length that they need is only 8 inches. So go ahead and get yourself a makeover and gift someone else a much needed makeover. Check out their website before you cut your hair or if ask me in the comments if you have any doubts. XOXO
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5 thoughts on “{Sharing is Caring} Give your hair!

  1. Couldn’t agree more about grandfather and mama, Ice.. Joy of giving can never truly be expressed in words.. it has to be experienced to get the real taste!! this hair thing.. I can’t touch, you know why 😉 So, shared few out of my earring collections 😀 It is a good and satisfactory feel indeed!! Let’s do more!! 🙂

    1. Hehe..Joy of giving and making someone happy is something else. Also, instead of doing ‘love your spouse challenge’ and ‘black n white’ challenge. We all should consider taking ‘pay it forward’ kinda challenges. Lets do our bit anyway! :*

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