October Favorites

Hello, hello! Today has been such a bad day and I have nothing/no one to blame for it but myself. But, it’s okay. It’s okay to be not okay sometimes. After several hours of non-stop weeping, mascara smudging, nail-biting later; I’M FINE!! It’s just one of those days. Here I am all snuggled up on a gloomy October noon, making a list of current favorites. We are just 11 days into October and I already know what my favorites are. There’s something fun about making lists or ISITJUSTME? Anyhoo, here are my favorites.. Favorite song Favorite Drink If you like coconut+caramel combo, try Caramel Coconut Macadamia Chiller from Gloria Jean’s. I’m addicted to it. Favorite Food This tropical trail mix from Sams Club is yummers. image-1-9 Favorite Dress This sweater from H&M is just $15. It’s so comfy and also seems like yellow is the new orange. fall2016 Favorite TV Show Silicon Valley. I won’t say I love it but I enjoy it. Some jokes crack me up like crazy and some even if I feel like laughing I wouldn’t just to piss my husband off. 😀 What are your current favorites? Let me know in the comments. toodles.
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5 thoughts on “October Favorites

  1. You’re so right, Ice!! it is very much okay to be not okay and weep it all off!! just like cleansing one off all the worries! after that session (!?! :-P), you come out better and stronger!
    Coming to favorites..
    to do: sleep. SLEEP. S.L.E.E.P
    to eat: Pav Bhaji
    to wear: anything and everything that’s loose (you know why 😉 )

    Oh… I love that sweater on you and that pose!! 🙂 style yo!!!

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