Weekend shenanigans

Last Saturday was such a super Saturday for me after a long time. I went on a lunch date with my bestie and her mom, we had the much-needed soul talk and some amazing Thai soul food. A good company and good food, it was indeed a great day.   lunch        After lunch my husband picked me up and we went to another friend’s house to meet their newborn baby. After  some over-enthusiastic cuddling, lame lullabies and a cute tutu dress up session later; I was so high on life. Babies I tell you! unnamed-1 My Super Saturday din’t end there, guess what.. My husband said we can shopping and get whatever I want. Bestest idea ever. We went to a mall nearby and shopped couple of stuff including this sweater and that top. We winded up the Super Saturday with some Potbelly sandwiches and yummax milkshake. It was such a good day! Since we were on a roll on Saturday, I wanted Sunday to be low-key. Just EAT-SLEEP-REPEAT. Sundays are hard for me since I lost my dad on a Sunday. I keep looking at the clock and think of all the little details of that day. And in no time I got extremely anxious and restless. I wanted to get out of house, that was my grounding tool for that day. I wanted to be around animals and in next 30 minutes, we were fresh out of shower, dressed up and drove to the animal farm. We had a great time feeding the goats, sheep, calves.We saw a lot of cute bunnies, llamas playing around. Took a lot of videos and grabbed some freshly made hot apple cider doughnuts and we headed back home. Watched a couple of episodes of ‘Silicon Valley’ and had salad for dinner and called it a day. Here are some of the pictures and the video I collated. img_4264          image-1-10 Hope you had a great weekend!
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