Friends Forever.

They say “Hard times reveal your true friends” which is so very true. If there is one thing I feel blessed about that is certainly the kind of friends that I’ve made. Of course we all have a bunch of friends but to me what that matters is my inner circle. I’m glad that I din’t go wrong with my inner circle and I love each and everyone of you deeply. These are the people who helped me find my hope, courage and smile back when I was completely lost. Go out and make a bunch of REAL friends like soul-sisters kind, you will thank yourself later. I’m blessed with not one not two but three beautiful soul-sisters. They take their turns to keep me in one piece however busy their life gets. I’m not going to name them but will tell how they help me stay sane.

The one who helped me find courage– I know her for like almost a decade and who knew we would still stick together. 🙂 She is my human diary who patiently listens to all my crap, never judges or gives unnecessary advice. She is a good listener and I’m a good entertainer. We are completely rocking this thing called long-distance relationship even though we are 1000 miles apart. We manage to meet once a year when I go to India and we just pick-up right where we left off. She is my grounding tool- puts up with my rants and mood-swings so well. She is a bold girl and she brings out the courage in me by constantly helping me overcome the fears. For all this kindness you have showered over me I’m indebted to you forever. 🙂


The one who helped me smile through the tough times– She and I have always been on the same page so automatically it was very easy for us to bond. This year is the worst for me and probably one of the best for her. We didn’t fall apart nor did we find each other boring/annoying since we are in extremely different worlds. We are just as awesome as we were before. She talks about her best days and moments and I talk about my worst nightmares and break-downs. I don’t envy her life and she doesn’t pity my life. That makes me feel normal cos nothing between us has changed. The bond is still strong AF and thanks for making my gloomy life less gloomy by just being yourself and letting me be myself. 🙂

The one who helped me find hope– I’m tearing up as I write this because when I met this friend I din’t have the slightest of the idea that she will be this important to me. This is someone who knows how exactly to love me when I’m sad. Even though she hasn’t been through what I’m going through, she knows how/what/when to talk to make me feel like OMG somebody understands me. She is definitely my happy pill- the one who calls me right when I want someone to talk to , the one who brings out the positivity and hope. You have no idea what a beautiful soul you are! 🙂
  If you made it till here, I just want to say just one thing, no two things..

One, thank you for reading this post.

Two, I hope you find your soul-sisters/ your-person or whatever you call it. They will help you get through tough times and make you feel that this life is worth living for.

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8 thoughts on “Friends Forever.

  1. True Ice! Only a true and caring friend will have the patience to hold your hand and listen to your ordeal. They are the ones who bring the best in you when you are at your worst!! Not words or actions, their mere presence around you will make a great impact 🙂 Glad that you have got 3 such beautiful people in your life!! Kudos to you for appreciating them, celebrating them.. You will find many more!! 🙂

    1. I don’t know how pathetic my life would have been if I din’t have these three in my life. Will always cherish them! 🙂

    1. ROFL. I miss my guy friends so badly. They are all married now and we talk once in a blue moon ! That episode with your best friend brought back so many memories! Loved it! 🙂

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