Friendship Dealbreakers

We all love our friends but there are few who would make you re-evaluate your friendship. In my last post I talked about my friends in my innercircle , almost the rest of my other friends belong to my social circle and some in watch-out circle. Everyone has their own set of deal-breakers and here’s a list of my deal-breakers.
  1. COMPETITION– I’m all in for healthy competition but some compete in every.damn.thing. “Oh your husband poops neon? My husband farts rosegold.” ” Oh you are watching Grey’s anatomy season 7th? I’m already at 999th season.” These, these are the kind of people I try to stay as away as possible.
  2. IGNORE– There are few ‘friends’ who constantly ignore yours texts. I mean I understand if you’re busy and can’t reply at the moment but if I see a pattern then I let them go. Funny thing is they message like they are your best friends when they WANT something from you and then poof.
  3. SHAMING– I hate when people do any sort of shaming like bodyshaming or skin color shaming to me or anyone.Β 
  4. TOXIC– These are the kind of friends who are always negative about everything! They complain the heck outta everything. No matter how many solutions you provide all they want is to crib and complain all the time.
  5. BORROWERS– When your friend borrows money or clothes or books and never return.
  6. WHY SO SERIOUS– People who have got absolutely no sense of humor can never be friends with me.
  7. NICE PEOPLE– Some friends say the shi% about people to you and act all nice in front of them. And don’t you dare say ‘I’m a nice person so’ Β to me.
  8. NO WALLET– People who never chip-in and always expect you to pay for everything and never return the gesture and money.
  9. GIVE AND TAKE– There are friends who would expect you to remember their ex boyfriend’s sister’s puppy’s name but wouldn’t bother to know about my own parents/ brother.
  10. ABSENT FRIEND– People who conveniently abscond when you’re going through tough times.
  11. JEALOUS– Friends who are jealous of everything about you. Don’t need that kinda negative energy.
  12. UP GAME– Friends who try to belittle you so that they can up the game. I pity you.
  13. GHOST FRIENDS– These are friends who don’t bother to stay in touch by talking but stalks the heck out of your instagram or facebook.
  14. MANIPULATION– Friends who try to manipulate your emotions.
Not everyone who you meet is gonna be nice to always. They are gonna hurt you for sure at some point of life but just gotta find and keep the ones who are worth suffering for. The three of them in my innercircle may not be the perfect and nice ones all the time but they are the ones who are worth suffering for. The rest belong to social-circle or blocked-circle.Β 
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6 thoughts on “Friendship Dealbreakers

  1. Writing such friends off like this is one good way to get our mind rid of their thoughts!! Good good!! We are better off without them πŸ™‚ choose wise and be haaapppyy!! BTW, important points to be noted!!

  2. The same people have helped me in many other ways so I can’t just flush them out of my life. Just that I had to place them in a different shelf- a small purge party. πŸ˜€

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