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Coccyx pain or coccydynia is nothing but pain in your tailbone area or if you want me to say in plain English, it’s the pain in the a$$, literally!!  Last Summer, I developed pain in my tailbone area which was caused so much discomfort while walking or while getting up from a seated posture. This had lot to do with me being a couch potato and taking my back for granted. It started bothering so much that I hesitated to go out or meet my friend. It’s funny that my best friend wanted to meet me and I had to give some excuse since I was shy to tell anyone that my back is on fire. I googled and figured ways to heal this awkward pain about which I will talk in a bit. But before that I have to tell you this. So one week later the same best friend was complaining about her back pain and this is the best friend who is always in the same page as me. So I asked her a little more about the area of pain and guess what, we were on the same page yet again!! We both were going through the same kind of pain at the same time! OK is it just me who finds it ridiculously mindblowing? Anyhoo, just wanted to share it.:D

I told her the solution that I found online and it worked for both of us. Recently my husband had the same pain and I asked him to do this and yes it did work like a magic. Here’s the remedy if you’re facing coccyx pain/ pain in the u-know-what.

This is what I found when I googled and followed this to the T. Many thanks to that person for sharing it. These are the 3 yogasanas which I did like twice or thrice and the pain magically disappeared.

I hope it works for you too! Take care!!

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  1. LULZ! I haven’t gone through it personally but my dad used to complain about pain due to “Calcification in the coccyx”. I don’t know how it healed for him but if it hadn’t been for that, I wouldn’t have even been aware of this other way of referring to the ass 😀

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