Daddy’s lil girl

I was around 5 years old, had just got out of bed and went looking for my mom/dad and found my dad sitting and shaving (which he used to do every morning). I went and sat beside him..
Appa- Good morning, darling.
Me- Hmmm.. *tapping my lap against the floor*
Appa- Do you wanna pee?
Me- Why?
Appa- You’re tapping your lap, I think you should go pee.
He was right and I went peed and came back running as if I’ll miss the climax of the movie.
Me- ouch you’re bleeding near your chin appa. (I was scared to death looking at that tiny dot of blood)
Appa- Don’t worry. I just cut myself and it doesn’t hurt me at all. Don’t worry ok?
Me- ok if you say so. πŸ™‚
I was around 8 years old and I used to wait for appa to come from his work and I would remove his shoes and socks. No one asked/told me to do that but I did it for few years. So one such day he comes and I see him holding his shoes in his hands and his left leg was bandaged.
Me- *anxiously* What happened to your leg appa?
Appa- Β A nail poked my leg and I had to go to doc to get it removed.
Me- Oh no. Does it hurt very bad?
Appa- No not at all. It’s just a big bandage and the wound actually is very small.
Me- Ok if you say so πŸ™‚
I was around 10 years old and Appa used to go for early morning walk and it was a Sunday. Apparently he wanted to sleep but my mom forced him to go since his BP was not normal and she wanted him to be healthy. So it was past 8am in the morning and he still din’t return which made us anxious. Those were the days we din’t have mobile phones so we couldn’t contact appa in anyway. Amma called all his friends/colleagues and they said they haven’t seen him today at all. We called the hospital to check and they confirmed that he hasn’t come there too. Amma and IΒ started to cry so bad that our neighbors gathered and the ladies were consoling us and the uncles went in different directions on look out for appa. 10 minutes past 9 am he comes home, looking all nice and happy.
Appa- Why are you all crying? What did Abhi(my brother) do now?
Appa- at the barber shop. Got my haircut.
Neighbors- Ok we think we should leave you guys alone now.
Me- went and hugged his leg so hard and din’t wanna let him go anywhere.
Amma- Don’t touch Β him, he needs to shower!! #Tambrahmthings
Me- Are you ok appa?
Appa- Yes darling. Don’t worry.
Me- ok if you say so. πŸ™‚
I was 28 years old and appa was less than half his weight, had lost his voice partially, hardly alive to be honest.
Me- Appa, don’t worry. You’re a very strong guy. Death is very very far from you. You are gonna be around for 20 more years for sure.
Appa- Ok if you say so πŸ™‚
If only my love and will power could save him he would have lived forever. It’s ok. He’s not suffering anymore is what I tell myself and I will always be that daddy’s lil girl and he will always be my hero.
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10 thoughts on “Daddy’s lil girl

  1. We all are daddy’s Lil girl always! Dad’s are our super heroes. I even used to tell everyone at school that my daddy is the strongest
    Your dad is watching you from above and blessing you every day. He is so proud to have a daughter like you!

  2. Lovely childhood memories and the last paragraph brought tears in my eyes Aishu.. No one can REPLACE Dads.. His blessings will always be with you dear..

  3. πŸ™‚ I have heard him say this “Ok if you say so” dialogue to me, once. when we were on our trip to Mysore, we shopped for Mysore silk sarees and Chudidhar. He had already selected one for me and at the same time when he turned to show it to me, I too turned with another one at hand, to show him. He said, “let’s get the one you like”. Pointing to his choice, I said, “I like this better”. He smiled and said, “don’t agree just because I chose”. I replied, “No mama, I really like this”. He said, “Ok, if you say so!” πŸ™‚ It was in 2010 and I still wear it. The soft blue one!! Ah!! you sharing happy memories of him, made me dwell onto my happy memories with him!! You will always be the daddy’s little girl and I, mama’s little girl πŸ™‚

    1. Aw that’s such a sweet memory. I just imagined the scene as I read your comment and it feels so nice. Thank you! You made my day! <3

  4. Awww.. this is by far my favourite post yet. You have worded it so so good. I could picture it all and it definitely brought tears to my eyes.

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