Blog Turns ONE!

We are 16 days into November and I just realized that I missed my blog baby’s first birthday which was 10 days back and I never miss anyone’s birthday! I know I deserve the ‘Worst mom of the year’ award. Such is my state of mind these days. img_20150717_170741 So one year back, I badly need a space to vent my heart out and this personal blog happened and just like that it’s ONE YEAR ! I wasn’t active throughout the year but hey 87 posts, 193 lovely comments/replies, 82,168 views later here I am actively dumping my brain, heart and soul out. This blog has helped me
  1. Stay in touch with friends/cousins
  2. Make new friends
  3. Not gonna lie, I lost or unfriended a friend. I’m struggling to fin dthe right word here but it’s not that important, so what’s important is
  4. I gained different perspective in life
  5. But mainly, it has been very therapeutic for me to write and share my emotions here.
This is my authentic and transparent ‘me space’ where I share my happiness, sorrows, grief, memories, food, corners of my home etc. Some of you guys have messaged me saying that you can relate to me and it has helped you, well I’m glad I could be of some help and that’s my whole purpose of life and this blog. As you may have seen, I’m not a natural writer/blogger, I just write as I would talk to a friend or a therapist. I don’t even re-read sometimes most of the times, so there must be some typos here and there. 😀  I cant believe it’s been an year, cheers to ‘Year ONE’ and I’m all geared up for ‘Year TWO’. Have a great day everyone and thank you for all the love and kindness!!
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7 thoughts on “Blog Turns ONE!

  1. Time sure flies!! As a loyal reader, I can tell that I have felt the same emotions with which your posts are written! 😉 And yes, tone is as if you’re talking to readers directly.. Kudos!! Expecting many more!! 🙂

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