Everything’s gonna be OK!

I woke up happy today, happy for no reason followed by goofy greetings from the husband which made me giggle so much. I turned on ‘Latika’s theme song from Slumdog Millionaire‘ and checked the comments on my recent blog post  which always makes me happy. I quickly brushed and came down to pack lunch for H, made a bigass sandwich for him and sent him off to work. Usually, I come back grab some coffee and browse or reply to comments/messages. So today when I went to grab my coffee mug I saw this random string lying in my kitchen window. image1-43 It looked like Universe is trying to say ‘OK’ to me. I know some of you might find it silly but I believe in this and to those who are having several questions/worries/doubts about life, I want you to know that ‘Everything’s gonna be ok!’ Might not be today, tomorrow or the next week but all we know is everything is gonna be ok. It’s funny how Universe finds a way to give us signs or answers when we least expect it, it’s just that we have to be alert and receptive. I’m feeling so positive and happy today *touchwood* for no reason whatsoever which is quite opposite to what I usually feel- anxious and crappy. I hope you feel better too! *hugs* P.S- If the string thingy looks more like ‘OX’ than ‘OK’ to you, it did look like OK to me at first and eventually it looked more like ‘OX’. Let’s  just take it as ‘OK’ ok? 🙂
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4 thoughts on “Everything’s gonna be OK!

  1. I read it as OK too!! Why not indulge in some DIY, get this pic framed and place it in kitchen or room? so that you get to see it every day first in the morning and not just today but everyday, everything will OK for you 🙂

  2. I strongly believe that universe constantly sends us a message and all we got to do is take the moment to actually listen to it. I am so glad you dint miss that precious moment. Everything is definitely going to be ok.

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