Vegan Coconut Pancakes with Mango Sauce

It finally feels like Winter here in Chicago, temperature is dipping and my trenchcoat+beanie+gloves are out! Not really complaining since this is my fifth winter here and I’m kinda used to it. We went grocery shopping on Saturday and was surprised to see mangoes and pineapple and grabbed them, I love me some tropical fruits in Winter. Also, those vegan scones from last week got me thinking.. What other ways can I make a delicious breakfast that are also Vegan? I vaguely remember seeing this recipe somewhere, can’t remember where but it came out just the way I wanted. image1-44 These pancakes are so
  • easy  – batter is made in the blender
  • healthy- fruits and no all-purpose flour
  • Vegan- Yes, no eggy smelling pancakes
  • addictive- the good kind
Being a romantic that I am, I love to treat my husband with delicious breakfast in bed during weekends. So this is what I made today and we loved it- nothing beats pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning. We loved how the tangy mango sauce cuts the sweetness from the pancake but you can serve with maple syrup too. I just went a lil cray cray with the tropical theme. 😀 Here’s how I make it. You will need For Mango Sauce
  • Mango- 1, ripe
  • Sweetened Almond milk- just a splash, around 2 tsp
For pancakes
  • Rolled Oats-  1.5 cups
  • Banana- 2, ripe
  • Almond milk- 1 cup
  • Brown sugar/coconut sugar- 3-5 tsp
  • Vanilla Extract- 1 tsp
  • Apple cider vinegar- 1 tsp (optional but helps with the rising)
  • Baking soda- 1 tsp
  • Coconut- 1/2 cup (I added fresh shredded coconut, you can also add desiccated coconut)
  • Coconut Oil
  1. Take the flesh out of mango and puree it with some almond milk in a blender. That’s our mango sauce. Place it in the refrigerator until you serve.
  2. For pancakes, add all the ingredients except oil to the blender and blend until it forms a smooth batter.
  3. Heat a slightly oiled pan over medium flame and scoop out the batter. Let it brown on both sides and serve hot with mango sauce/maple syrup. Garnish with fresh fruits or nuts. Enjoy!
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