That time when I was so dumb..

These are few anecdotes from my childhood days, some are really really stupid so try not to judge me. xD fullsizerender-8
  • I thought actors are like magicians who actually break into TV screen, perform, get out of TV and patch up the screen. I even asked this to a Tamil actor ‘Prabhu’ when I met him, “You’re so fat, how did you manage to get out of TV?”.
  • I also wondered when actors sing/dance in public in a movie, why aren’t the cops stopping them?
  • I hated Shah Rukh Khan irl because he kills Shilpa Shetty in a movie named ‘Baazigar’.
  • OK this one I think we all assumed as a kid, that when we eat seeds of watermelon, it would grow into a plant and start fruiting inside tummy.
  • I assumed during periods we pee blood instead of urine.
  • One time I saw an Horlicks ad where they said ‘ 5 rs off’, I thought it meant the price of horlicks is just 5 rs. Yeah, I was that stupid.
  • I used to mix up these two words, ‘ligament’ and ‘filament’. I used to say the ligament in the bulb…..
  • I have an younger brother but I always wanted an elder brother so I mustered up courage and demanded my parents to return him and get me an elder brother instead.
  • Whenever my mom bought dates, she used to ask for ‘seedless dates’ and I heard it as ‘sweetless dates’ and used to wonder why she wants sweetless dates.
  • I thought the game ‘Cricket’ is like a war because my mom would panic and start praying to all the Gods and sometimes curse some players.
  • I thought the birds were lonely and lost, so I used to talk to them on my way to school and way back home.
  • I used to do ‘love me love me not’ for Hrithik Roshan and always got ‘love me not’. #heartbroken
If you could relate to this or if you have any such dumb moments, share it with me and lets have a good laugh.    
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2 thoughts on “That time when I was so dumb..

  1. 1. You actually asked Prabhu that question? ROFL
    2. Peeing blood instead of urine? OMG!
    3. Ligament of the bulb – I used to say “Karali” instead of “Kalari” which is a traditional Kerala art form.
    4. My mom is a huge cricket fan herself, and I’ve often caught her being very superstitious during tense matches. Especially those against Pakistan.
    5. I decorated my entire room with Hrithik Roshan posters at the age of 9 and was convinced that he would pick me. He didn’t.

    I’m so glad I found this blog! Is there a way for me to subscribe/get regular updates? Do you have a Facebook page?

    1. I know! I was so dumb! xD Oh this Hrithik guy is such a heartbreaker I tell you! xD
      Those matches against Pakistan brings back so many funny memories lol.

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