Of dreams and smiles

I get bizzare dreams all the time but this year it’s been mostly about my dad. Initially it was tough, it’s like he’s talking to me in dreams only to wake up to harsh reality that he is no more. I have cried so many days, every morning was a heart-breaking one after a dream. but suddenly I wasn’t getting any dreams and I started to miss those dreams. Now I get them once in a while and I’ll wake up all happy and cherish those dreams. Those dreams are like the precious moments where I feel I can still hangout with my dad. I had one such dream last Friday where apparently I was on a roadtrip with my friends and I hadn’t called my parents for a week or so. I pick my phone and call my dad and it goes to voicemail. I start panicking and call my brother to ask why is appa not picking calls. To that my brother says he has gone away from all of us, we wont be able to reach him but he will talk to you when he can. I woke up panicking and couldn’t find Hari beside me in the bed. More panicking. I grabbed my phone to call him and saw this message from my dad’s phone and it all made sense. Hari came into room and caught me smiling at the phone and asked me what was it that made me smile. img_4793 My mom uses my dad’s phone and messages now and then. I knew it was her who typed and sent it but I know that’s my appa’s way of talking to me. Aren’t my parents awesome? I love them. 🙂 Good day y’all!
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8 thoughts on “Of dreams and smiles

  1. Hellooo,
    I’m very awkward at taking the initiative and talking to strangers but I had read few of your blog posts before and I read this one today and felt like I should ping you. I’m very close to my dad too just like you are and could really feel the emotions in your writing. I hope your dad visits you more often in your many such beautiful dreams 🙂

    1. Hiii Lakshmi, so sweet of you to drop by and say hi. Your words mean a lot. 🙂 I like you blog posts too and I can relate to them. 🙂

    1. I wasn’t sure of blogging this experience since not everyone would get me but I’m glad I wrote. And I’m glad you understand my emotions so well even if I haven’t worded it well. Thank you!!!

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