My not-so-funny disorders!

Happy December youguys! I’m not proud of these but it’s not that severe to the extent that I need medical help. I find it funny sometimes and wanted to just jot down my not so severe, funny, annoying disorders. img_0193 Do you see anything annoying in the picture? I mean apart from the fake smile and the hair elastic on my hand. Let me know in the comments and if you don’t find any then you are OCD free my friend! Stay blessed!
  • I cannot deal with odd numbers and I’m obsessed with even numbers. As in, it tingles my OCD sense when I see boards like $12.99. Or if my Instagram followers list or no. of likes is an odd number. I have even asked Hari to like/unlike my pictures so that it can get an even number and I can sleep peacefully at night. Yes, I have deleted mails too.
  • If I use an item I will have to frantically return it to its place after the usage. I want all of my co-inhabitants to follow the same else there will be a mini world war like vibes.
  • Speaking of obsession with even, there’s this one strand of hair in my head which is thick, rough and short which is unlike the rest of my hair. I try pulling it out everyday atleast 5 times but failing at it since it’s short and I don’t get the grip. I’ll get you one day until then I’ll try and try.
  • I want my dosa crispy and chapathi soft and dry, so I prefer the sidedish to be served in a cup seperately and definitely NOT on the dosa/chapathi. Soggy dosa or chapathi is so unfair.
  • I cringe at screeching noises like how the chalk pieces do a screech-screeeeeech sound on the board Β or brushing a rough surface. *CLOSING MY EARS*
  • I’m not a Grammar Nazi but I cringe at people when they don’t know basic English. For eg:
She- I buyed books from landmark. Me- Oh you BOUGHT books from Landmark? She- yes I buyed there. My mindvoice- SAY BOUGHT GODDAMITTTTTT!!!
  • If the frames on the wall are slightly crooked, I might get up and go to correct it and sleep peacefully at night. We went to this Indian Restaurant here with our friends where ALL the frames that they had on their walls were slightly crooked. I was busy noticing that and my friends were asking why am I so dull and I had to ask them to check if those frames were slant or not. Thankfully, I was not alone they found it irritating too. we had a good time talking about our own OCD stories.
  • I hate hate sweaty hands, even if it’s my husband I cannot take it. When I shake hands with someone and their hands are sweaty, I take my hands back and wipe and use sanitizer but I try to be as graceful as possible.
There are more such weird stuff about me but I’ll stop at this and try to keep even no. of points. Do you also have any such annoying disorders? Comment and let me know. Let’s laugh together.
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14 thoughts on “My not-so-funny disorders!

  1. Oh my god Aishwarya! I could relate to 2nd,4th,5th and 6th point. But unfortunately I’m a sweaty hand person who btw only sweats in her hand and nowhere else! See I think I must have shared too much information. But I do love the hand sanitizers and I have this compulsion to wash my hands after coming back from outside immediately. I’ll also make sure I don’t touch any part of the house before that ritual. And are you talking about the road dividing lines? Because they are uneven and not to forget of different color in the picture. Is that it? Glad to see your post! <3 Keep'em coming! πŸ™‚

    1. Ah Lakshmi! I hope I din’t sound like a mean girl, it’s high time I curb my OCD. It’s my boots, zip is down cos I wanted some air and forgot to zip up. But now that you mentioned about the divider, my hands are itching!! πŸ˜€

  2. Oh God, the grammar thing. I mentally correct sentences when I read/listen. And every single item in my house has a “home” too. Unfortunately, Shane doesn’t give a shit about that so I have stray pairs of socks lying around the house sometimes -_-
    Also, the first thing I noticed in that picture is that your right boot seems to have come undone. Is that what you were talking about?

    1. Let those poor socks RIP. You are right I was talking about my boots, I can’t believe I was so absent-minded. It’s making me cringe!!!!!

  3. >>I want my dosa crispy and chapathi soft and dry, so I prefer the sidedish to be served in a cup seperately and definitely NOT on the dosa/chapathi. Soggy dosa or chapathi is so unfair.
    I need sambar/chutney in a cup even for idli/pongal.

  4. Wow! You are not alone in this. Here’s a list from me:
    1. Dosa’s crisp and sambar in a separate bowl and chutney on the side.
    2. Chapathi’s soft n fluffy and gravy/curry on the side.
    3. My OCD is high if arun wrongly arranges the sofa pillows.
    4. Shoes need to be put back on the shoe rack.
    5. If Arun enters the kitchen and changes the order of things kept.
    6. Any small thing that has changed its position at home.
    The list goes on… But in my case my OCD is high when Arun changes something at house

    1. Basically, Arun is messing up with your OCD. πŸ˜› I would like to talk more about this (aka intervention) during our meetup.

  5. OK what about the boots.. One is Wierd.. Why why why… Lolz.

    Yes I do notice when things are off, but over the years I have managed to shed almost all my OCDs .. Only thing that escaped was how I don’t like people touching my stuff and if they do, they had better put things back exactly as they found it.

  6. Haha. I like to believe that I do not have OCD. But I have few things that I just have to do it my way –

    1. I cannot sleep if the bed is not properly made. The bed skirt should jus be perfect with no folds anywhere. There have been couple of times when I had to wake up prabhu so I can redo the bed and sleep at peace.

    2. I have to put away clothes that are on the floor even if it means just tucking them away in a basket so they are out of sight.

    3. I just cannot have unread notifications in the notification bar of my mobile. I have to clear them all. ( except for the low battery notification. I tend to ignore that.)

    4. I just have to be on time wherever I go or atleast earlier. I get restless if I foresee any delays even if it is by few minutes.

    5. I am no perfect. But I cringe when someone makes mistakes like – ‘you are and your’, ‘cutted, metted’ and few other things you already know.

    6. I have to reply to messages even if the other person is not so prompt at replying. It will constantly prick me if a message is not responded to.

    And there are few other things as well. But no, I do not have OCD!

    1. 1. Haha Hari is like you in this matter. πŸ˜€
      2. I get you, organized clutter FTW. xD
      3. OMG I’m obsessed with swiping away all the notifications too.
      4. This, I SUCK! I’m always late. :/
      5.Yeah it took me a while to accept these words after moving to US- color, favorite, dreamed.
      6. haha I’m gonna annoy you wit this now.

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