Our Fourth Anniversary!!

Tomorrow is our fourth wedding anniversary!Say what? Sigh, how time flies! FOUR wonderful years with you and words can’t describe how grateful I am to have you in my life. I hardly write or mention about you in my blog because you know I’m shy like that. 😛 But let me tell you, you are THE BEST and people who know you might hold it against  me and say he is THE BESTEST okay. *rolls eyes* Since this year we are low-key and not in a celebration mood, I thought I would at least write a post about you. For the love of making lists here are few things that I love and hate about you but will still stick together because you’re the ONE for me.
  • I love you, just because. 🙂
  • I hate you cos you never initiate a fight with me.
  • I love you for addressing my parents as ‘amma’ ‘appa’.
  • I hate you cos my parents, my brother, my best friends, my neighbor, my help take your side when I fight with you.
  • I love you cos you’re a goofball just like me.
  • I hate when you say that you have gifts for me and give me lint deposits from your belly-button.
  • I love you cos you make the best avial, noodles and pasta ever!
  • I hate how you hum that annoying tune every time you climb stairs.
  • I love how you remind me to drink water/take multivitamins everyday.
  • I hate how you tickle me with your freezing cold hands.
  • I love you for scoring 10 on 10 when I gave you a test on ‘my family tree’.
  • I hate how you mix weirdest of the weirdest things and force me to eat. Like the other day you dunked pavakka chips in orange juice! Ewww
  • I love how your love for me only grows even after seeing my absolute worst.
  • I hate how you chirp like a cardinal to get my attention but it’s really annoying. Don’t do it. JK, do it. 🙂 You’re cute when you do it.
  • I love how you hunted down the bookshelf (that went out of stock) for me because I wanted it so badly.
  • I hate you when you splash water at me after washing your hands, intentionally/unintentionally inspite of me being out of the splashzone.
  • I love how we share common hobbies like gardening, cooking, cracking lame jokes and inspire each other everyday.
  • I hate you for not letting me sleep like a shrimp but you sleep on your tummy like an alligator all the time.
  • I love you for showering me with sunshine whenever I have a gloomy day.
  • I hate how you use my nails as your personal scratch-machine and feel free to leave feedback after every scratch.
Now I hope the world knows the not-so-good side of you and I hope they take my side now and then.:D Four years down, forever to go and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. Here’s to another year of wonderful memories, bountiful harvest, lame inside jokes, loving each other deeply and keeping each other sane and happy. <3 a    
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16 thoughts on “Our Fourth Anniversary!!

  1. To the couple who are just made for each other! Together you look perfect! An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, memories of yesterday and hopes of tomorrow. Happy Anniversary to two great people who make one great couple❤️❤️❤️

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