Drink Water!

drinkwater I want to make a confession today and really not proud of it. Hi, I’m Aishwarya and I don’t drink enough water everyday. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but inspite of my parents, brother, my bestie and husband constantly reminding me to drink water, I ended up not drinking enough water. So I decided to motivate myself by downloading an app, I felt pressurized and it din’t work either! I worked out a plan for myself which goes like this. Listen sweetheart (yes, I call myself sweetheart), drink water when you someone pisses you off drink water when you get hyper-excited drink water when someone comments on your blogpost drink water when someone reminds you to drink water everytime it snows drink water everytime you get a message on your phone drink water everytime your get anxiety pangs drink water after you eat drink water after you pee drink water when your OCD nerves are bothering you drink water everytime you miss someone I have been following this since the beginning of this month and it works like a charm! If this doesn’t work for you how about…

















But most importantly,


I have one of those Ryan Gosling’s image as my wall paper and you feel free to set one too. Let’s drink water and stay hydrated. That’s my resolution for 2017!

P.S: If you’re not a big fan of plain water, add some lemon slices, mint or fruits to it and make it fancy detox water! Do I sound like your mother? ok sorry bye.

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6 thoughts on “Drink Water!

  1. Apps never worked for me either. I’ve been guilty of clicking on buttons just to silence the apps. But this sounds good. From now on, every time I get a comment on a blog post, every time someone pisses me off, every time I laugh, every time I feel the urge to clean, and every time after I pee, I’m going to drink water as well.
    Another thing that’s helped me is food replacement powder for lunch. I mostly don’t have time to prepare lunch (read: I’m lazy) so both Shane and I have something called Huel which is a complete food replacement powder. I don’t know if they ship to the US. If not, I’m sure you’ll be able to find an equivalent. I mix my Huel in 500 ml of water so somehow that much water gets into my system everyday without fail. That’s been my little cheat for the past few months
    Also, don’t forget to drink water now that I’ve commented on this post 😉

    1. Welcome to ‘drinkwater’ tribe, Ankita! 😀 Oh, food replacement powder sounds tempting. Thanks for the recco. Hari drinks something like that for breakfast. It’s called ‘carnation breakfast essentials’. Yes gulping! 😀

  2. Oh I’m sorry, but what were you saying? Too hard to concentrate when you have Ryan Gosling all over your post, Aishwarya! Yes the app thing is true, I had one called plant nanny and I even wrote about it in the blog! Utter flop! I’ll do your trick, now drink a glass of water plis!

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