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I hope you all had a great week, our week has been a good one- we had our fourth anniversary, Hari’s school friend was visiting us from bay area, it snowed and I have been pretty positive and sane. I have been meaning to share few random things but now that I have enough random things, I made it a whole another post.
  1. Elf yourself My bff Deepika made this video of her, me and our other friend. This is so cool, check it out guys! Also, IRL I can’t dance to save my life and I can’t deal with cats, they freak me out. So I live vicariously through this video!
2. Hari’s friend who visited us gave us this very thoughtful anniversary gift and we love it. It’s from Personalization Mall in case you’re wondering. 🙂 image2-35 3. Speaking of gifts which I don’t talk about much, Hari got me this monthly beauty subscription box called Ipsy. I’m not a make-up person at all but I have always wanted to try at least the basics. I’m loving it and isn’t it awesome when you get gifts every month? 😛 image1-6 4. I love karaokes and I annoy people all the time by singing along with the radio or T.V. I love this guy James Corden especially his carpool karaokes and it’s my dream to have a carpool karaoke with him. Check out if you haven’t seen them yet. 5. Also, I love Justin Timberlake and I love love this song. It gets me grooving well at least I try looking at the video. But I bet this song will lift your mood. Play on loud and have a dance party! Send me videos if you take any. 😛 HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!
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    1. I have tried ipsy and birchbox, somehow liked ipsy more and I would really recommend it if you like playing around with make up. It’s just 10$ per month anyway! 😀 Hope you had a great weekend! <3

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