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My parents used to spoil us with variety of candies when we were kids. My dad will be always be well stocked with candies and kids used to love him for that. I was craving for ‘coffee bite’ a few days back and nostalgia hit me hard. Come let’s take a trip down the memory lane and talk about candies..
  1. First thing I can think of is Mango bite. This was one of the most popular one and I really really like anything mango. so I used to have it often.
  2. Coffee bite- Oh if there’s one candy that I miss now, that has to be this! I could eat them all day and never get bored of it.
  3. Gems- My dad used to buy truck loads of these and this is how I learnt colors apparently.
  4. Poppins- I had car/bus sickness, so my mom used to carry poppins whenever we traveled and apparently it really ‘cured’ my nausea problem.
  5. Lacto king- This used to be my favorite of all, Melody was close second. I distributed either of these two for my birthday every year and unlike other kids I used to give TWO candies to everyone in my class.
  6. Coco Naka- This candy was coconut and caramel based so I loved it but I hated how rough the texture was and it hurt my tongue every.single.time.
  7. Hajmola- Honestly, this ‘candy’ smelled like fart to me. So I never dared to try it but I was always asked to eat one whenever we played ‘Truth or Dare’.
  8. BarOne- Not a big fan either. But my parents loved it and they also loved the fact that I din’t like it so they needn’t share it.
  9. Kismi- Meh
  10. Munch/Perk/Kit-kat- These were our Saturday mind-morning snack. 😀
  11. Dairy-milk and milky bar are two things I loved but it was considered ‘luxury’ then, so we used to have it rarely like once a week. 😛
Dang! Such wonderful memories!! Which was your favorite Indian candy, growing up? Let me know in comments. Have a great weekend y’all! <3
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10 thoughts on “Indian Candies

  1. Aam-Ras anyday. That tiny bit of mango inside the candy was like a treasure 🙂

    I too didn’t like the smell of Kismi.

    Hajmola blech :/

    1. Dang! I love anything mango and I’ve never heard about ‘Aam ras’. 🙁
      Yeah, though I like cardamom and caramel, somehow this candy din’t fancy me.
      I’m surprised that many ppl liked hajmola, I kinda liked the candy but not the goli!! LOL

  2. Lacto king was my favorite too! And I remember getting two pieces of candy from some of the sweetest kids in the class 🙂 For me more than candies what brings back fond memories is with something called sip-up Ice which my brother and I used to get from a shop near our bus stop after school and sip on it while walking towards home. My mother and grandmother had a problem with us drinking unhygienic colored ice! Smh! 😀

    1. OMG MY brother and I loved it too! We used to call it pepsi-cola 😀 We saw similar stuff here but I’m sure it’s not even remotely as awesome as our desi pepsi-cola.

        1. Oh wait! Are we both talking about the same thing? lol. Lemme go google. brb.
          Oh yes, we’re talking about the same thing and now those pictures are making me drrrrrroooooollllll. crie

  3. Being a kid from the 90s, these small things would make us happier back then. Some very nostalgic as well! So here’s more to add on the list:-
    Ravalgon Candies (comes in different colors), Cadbury Nutties, parle Rol a Cola, Big Babol, Boomer(bubble gum and you get free tattoos) , Amul Chocolates, Loli pop, Cadbury Picnic, Poppins. My mouth is already watering.

  4. Mango Bite was my all time favourite because I too like everything mango flavoured. But it was my favourite mostly because it was like the forbidden fruit. Up till the age of 12, I suffered from ‘colour’ allergy (CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT?) so I was forbidden from having candies with food colouring in them. Once *that* went away, I used to binge eat mango bite, all the orange candies that turned your tongue orange, and jelly.
    Hajmola does smell like farts but once you get used to the taste, it’s pretty amazing. When I was growing up in Delhi, we used to get something called ‘Anardana Goli’ which was a yummy pomegranate seed delicacy. Hajmola released an Anardana flavour so that’s what I used to get in Kerala whenever I missed my Anardana Golis.
    I don’t know is you remember Kopiko which was also like Coffee bite. Recently, we were at a Malaysian supermarket and Shane found it so we bought around 5 packets of it 😀

    Thanks for this sweet little trip back to the 90’s! 🙂

    1. Colour allergy? Wow I din’t know that! Glad that went went away so you could enjoy these candies.
      Hehe I really liked the Hajmola hard candy though!
      I bought myself a big packet of kopiko and loved it. I miss the chewy texture of coffee bite, but I’m really grateful for Kopiko! 😛

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