Best Compliment Ever!

Who doesn’t like to hear compliments? I can see my husband raising his hands and legs, but that’s just him! :/ I love compliments, both giving and receiving. There’s something so nice about it, it instantly makes the giver and the receiver happy. As much as I like receiving compliments, I act all gawky sometimes and here’s a post about how I act clumsy. But, tell me, what’s the best compliment you have received? I would love to hear, aw c’mon don’t be shy, I would love to hear all about it. I’m gonna shamelessly share some of my favorite compliments. But before that, when was the last time you gave someone a compliment? I usually shy away from giving someone the compliment that they deserve to know. But not anymore, I’m very vocal these days and I love spreading happiness wherever I go. So go ahead and give compliments to people you meet in restaurants, train, work place, spa etc. These are some of my favorite compliments in no particular order.
  • “I enjoy your company/you’re so much fun/ had a great time with you/ you’re my energy-booster” Not that I expect these compliments but if I meet/talk to someone, I would never want to drain their precious energy/time. So these compliments mean a lot to me.
  • “Did you curl your hair?” My hair is naturally wavy or kinky but people presume that I spent a lot of time curling them. I feel blessed that I don’t have to do that. 🙂
  • “I love your blog/blogposts” Honestly, I feel so good when people actually read my silly rambles and are kind enough to drop comments or let me know that they like it. Thank you, lovelies! :*
  • “I could raise a 1000 children like you, you are such a well-behaved kid” OK this was told a lot when I was a toddler (it still counts right?).
  • “Cute nose, beautiful eyes, nice eyebrows, sweet smile” These compliments are such a positive boost too though they are often easily brushed off.
So, what’s the best compliment that you have received? 🙂
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3 thoughts on “Best Compliment Ever!

    1. Fine. I’ll give you the best one yet.
      You know you’re doing an awesome job as a mother AND as a bestfriend. Not everyone can balance both the duties like you do. You are really THE BEST! :*

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