If you follow me on Instagram/Snapchat you know that I was staycationing in Chicago. Hari tried his best to convince me for a vacation this year but I wasn’t ready yet. So he came up with this brilliant idea of staycation and I din’t have the heart to say no this time. Also, this is my only ‘travel’ this year, I loved it so much that I wanna document it here. So on Dec 25th we went on a staycation, we stayed at the Marriot in Wilmette which was amazing (good job, husband)! We checked-in, toured the room and got into our swimsuits and headed straight to the swimming pool and oh boy, we had a whole pool to ourselves and had a blast. You know what, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 😀

Our dinner

some brownie for dessert

We watched this movie called ‘Speed’ and called it a day.

Next day

We had a hearty breakfast

and headed to beach since weather God decided to be kind that day.

And then to the Baha’i temple

we had our lunch at Chipotle(our fav) and drove to this place hoping we would spot some bald eagles and we did!! 🙂

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We came home with lots of memories, pictures and happiness. Hope y’all had a great Christmas!
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    1. Thank you, Lakshmi and I really hope so too. 🙂 This is in the suburbs so it’s not that famous but it’s a beautiful monument. 🙂

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