Do you have pets at home?

I din’t set up my tree or make any goodies for Christmas, so I couldn’t share anything with my friends/neighbors this year. But when my neighbor friend dropped by last week and gave us loads of yummy goodies despite her son being not well, I felt so touched. As soon as she left, Hari and I worried about their son and we knew we gotta make something to cheer them up. I made some Indian sweets and savories and Hari and I literally hopped to their place yesterday. The son who wasn’t well attended the door and asked us to get in. I kind of hesitated but we had to go talk to him and his parents about how he was doing. Okay, one thing you don’t know about me is, I’m not afraid of many things in life, like I have chased a thief and all that but I’m really really scared of dogs/cats. I actually like dogs a lot but I’m scared of them and I don’t like cats and they freak me out! Why you ask? That’s another post for another day once I grow some balls. So whenever we are invited to anyone’s place, I always ask them if they have any pets at home. That’s a good conversation starter actually i.e IF they, like me, don’t like pets. 😀 I knew my neighbor had a dog but it passed earlier this year but little did I know that they got a cat recently. Okay, here’s the conversation I had with them. Me- Hi! I hope you guys are doing ok. Just dropped by to give you this. Neighbor- ……………………………… Me- Do you have pets? Neighbor – I just have a cat, our dog is no more. Me- *looks around frantically* OMG you have a cat, I’m really terrified of them. Neighbor- Are you allergic? Hari- No, she is very scared. that’s ok. So you guys……………………. Me- *looking around me and making sure there’s no cat near my radar* Neighbor- blah blah blah ………………….blah blah blah……………..That’s a cute coat! Me- *sweat pooled up in my armpit* Hehe thank you. Man! I’m panicking and sweating so much. *making awkward cues to Hari* Neighbor- oh, don’t worry. My cat is the most anti-social one. He doesn’t do people. So he won’t come around you guys. Me- *relieved* No it’s not the cat, it’s me! 😀 Hari doesn’t talk much but yesterday he was going on and on and I was so restless and acting all gawky! I was showing him all sorts of signs and finally we exited their house successfully w/o cat attacking me or me wetting my pants in their house. I’m so grateful for that today, so so grateful, you have no idea! But, will I ever get rid of this fear? Or else my neighbors will never talk to me again, what about when I have kids, no one will invite us over a playdate. *frowns* It’s okay I can’t do cats, I just can’t. The only cat that I remotely like is Mr.Kate’s cat, Winston, he is so cute! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but for real that cat is so keuuuute! That’s my stupidest phobia, what’s yours?

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  1. Haha I used to ask the same question for a long time because I was petrified of dogs. I had a traumatic experience during childhood with a stray dog when I was in India that I started panicking whenever I see a really cheerful dog! All that has changed because now I know how they think and why they do what they do! But cats, I just can’t deal with them. They crawl everywhere, makes hissing noises and let’s just say very creepy! I think eventually you might change your perception about dogs but cats I’m not so sure either 😀

    1. I have had such traumatic experiences with dogs/cats/cows in my childhood! I’m okay with cow but can’t do dogs and cats. I would love to pet dogs like normal people do, I always envy people who hangout with their dogs. I wish I gain a different perception. Thank you so much, Lakshmi! 🙂 I’m slowly coming out of my cocoon.

      1. I’m scared of almost all animals! It’s my natural reaction to start screaming whenever I see one! And imagine I wanted to volunteer for the WTI when I was in college and almost went! I think my whole perception would have changed if I had gone for that experience. Ah well! 🙂

  2. When I was 5, my mother and I lived with my grandmom for a few months while my dad shifted all our stuff to Delhi. So I had to go to a local school where my grandmother lived and it was close to the beach. I don’t know why I have to emphasize that it was close to the beach, but for some reason, there were shit tons of crows everywhere. My grandmother used to pack two tiffins for me, one of them being snacks like cakes. And one day, while I was happily walking around the campus with a view of the beach, munching on my cake, a stupid crow dove in from nowhere and took it from my hand. It was so traumatic that I still have a weird thing with crows.
    But in the same home, my grandmother had two dogs and all of my family members were dog parents. My dad was also a dog person growing up. So I grew up to be a massive sucker for doggies. Cats however, are just alien territory to me and I feel suspicious of them at all times. I like the big, fat, fluffly, furry ones that kind of look like dogs though 😀

    1. Oh my, I just imagined that scene and you with two plaits! LOL. Crow part so scary but I did chuckle a little. 😛 I so envy you, I would love to be a dog person!!

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