WCW is an acronym for ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ in Instagram world but it means ‘ Weird Combination Wednesday’ in my La La land.  Those who know Hari might know that he is a sucker for weird food combinations. If you ask him whether he wants Orange juice or cranberry juice, he would want both, mixed together. In fact I recently found out there is a cocktail with that combination called Madras Cocktail (Cranberry juice + Orange juice + Vodka). I casually Snapchatted when he was dunking bitter-guard chips in orange juice few months back and few people were actually fascinated by this idea!!!! You gotta be kidding me! But here are such weird-combinations that he likes.
  • Potato chips dipped in Fanta
  •  Rasam Saadham with Oreos but it tastes even better with mysore pa apparently
  •  Curd rice with ripe mango
  •  Scrambled egg with maple syrup
  •  Fries/chips with chocolate syrup
  •  Cheese and caramel popcorn.
  •  Grapes in orange juice
  • Aloo Bhujia mixed with Coke
  •  Onion bagel with honey-cinnamon SWEET spread!
The most bizarre food combination that I have eaten is, (why am I getting a feeling that you’re gonna judge me?) But anyway, I used to eat Indian biscuits dipped in water. 😛 My mom would make some amazing ginger-garlic cardamom tea with biscuits/cookies but when she is not around and when I was too young to make tea I used to dip them in water and eat and I actually liked it. Since my craziness quotient is too low, I find his choices too bizarre! What’s the weirdest food combo you have tried?    

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10 thoughts on “#WCW

  1. Oh my God. First things first. The combinations from Hari’s list that I would be up for trying are:
    1. Curd rice with ripe mango
    2. Scrambled egg with maple syrup
    3. Cheese and caramel popcorn
    4. Grapes in orange juice

    The others kind of made me gag a little bit (and that’s saying something considering how I’m not very easy to gross out).

    That said, I have once done some crazy things with my food too. I don’t know if you know a Mallu breakfast specialty called puttu which is basically a steamed rice cake. We usually serve it with a traditional chickpea curry in our homes but children are sometimes served puttu with either bananas or ghee and sugar so that it’s sweeter (hence easier) to consume. When I was a child, I first mixed my puttu with bananas, decided it wasn’t good enough, added ghee and sugar to the mixture, decided that too wasn’t good enough, added the chickpea curry to all of it and apparently loved it. Towards the end though, because I was feeling adventurous, I even added some curd to it because why not? My mother still says that she’s never seen me finish anything on my plate with the zeal I exhibited on that day.

    I don’t know what to make of that :/

    1. Grrr.. You too?! Cheese and caramel popcorn is Chicago style apparently. So, now visit Chicago! 😀
      Oh yes I know puttu, I did my engineering in a Mallu dominated college lol. So we were served puttu with kadala curry once a week but I’m not a big fan. But you have taken it up to a whole different level. Why not?! LOL

  2. Hahaha can I tell you how much I LOVED your post image! It’s such a fun picture! And Hari’s combination of mixing juices is something I do everyday with our lunch, so I’m all for that! I’ll try everything else also except for the onion bagel, aloo bhujiya, potato chips and rasam rice ones! When I was in 5th grade my dad took me to sabarimala am I was famished by the end of the whole journey that we stopped near a tea stall for having food. There I ate this combination of sambar with porotta and it was the tastiest thing I had eaten in my life! I still crave for it and I genuinely don’t think I liked it because I was hungry. It was that good!

    By the way are you drinking water every time someone comments on your blog? Loved this post! 🙂

    1. Awww I’m glad you like my masterpiece. 😛 Sambar with parotta sounds so tempting OMG! I have tried with kurma but not sambar but I WANT IT NOW!
      Haha I try to 😉 your comment made me so happy that I’m gonna drink a big glass of water now. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu! <3

  3. Hahaha I have heard the curd rice combo with mango. My paati used to eat like that and apparently many in Tamil nadu but I have never tried it and I don’t think I will ever try any of the combinations you have listed.

  4. Haha interesting post Aishu, Curd rice and mango is one of my fav combo, i even like Banana with curd rice, sambar & Rasam rice but other combinations wierd 😛 Rasam with Oreo..wow 😀 😀

    1. Banana with curd rice a?!!!!!! No way! You’re vera level! hehe. I din’t know this side of you, now I know. 😀

  5. I am with Hari on 3rd combo – Curd rice + Mango. It tastes AWESOME.

    As the earlier poster commented, curd/sambar/rasam rice + banana anytime over party food. Now I know why i am not interested to cook since I was very easily pleased with curd rice +banana combo 🙁 I am making my kid too to like it and I was successful once. How about that?! :-)) . This used to be my daytime snack – mix curd +pickle in a bowl & eat it.

    The weirdest I have ever seen & still can’t wrap my head around is – curd rice + ghee. She kept a blob of ghee like we keep pickle & after a bite, taste ghee & alternate. God I saw my friend eating it & that scene can never be erased.

    One more thing my friend used to do, though not a weird combo – Curries/sambhar always separate and rice. Make small balls of rice & touch just the tip of it in the curry & eat. Everyday same for 2 years. I consider myself weird and I have had the weirdest friends :-))

    1. You too?! So it’s a popular weird combo then. LOL
      I used to have just pickle as my snack lol but I like the idea of curd+pickle too. I eat my paratha with curd n pickle n love it.
      Curd rice+ghee?? no wayyyyyy. now I can’t unread this!! hehe
      My grandma used to feed us like that, make balls and dip them in sambar/rasam and feed me n my cousins.
      Haha true. we all are weird in our own ways. 🙂

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