Favorite pictures.

I have been meaning to write this post for a while and I finally got to write this. I wanted to share few of my favorite pictures that my husband has clicked. He is a photography enthusiast, more of a nature/wildlife/landscape photographer and sometimes he does portraits too. I’m his muse sometimes but for the most part I’m his assistant who carries tripod and spots birds/animals for him. Fun stuff! Here are my favorite pictures.




I am coming for ya! by Hari on 500px.com


Really bro? by Hari on 500px.com


Looking down by Hari on 500px.com


The Golden Gate by Hari on 500px.com


Waiting for fish by Hari on 500px.com


Serenity by Hari on 500px.com


Road To Nowhere by Hari on 500px.com


Homecoming by Hari on 500px.com


Heading West by Hari on 500px.com


Lost in thought by Hari on 500px.com


Basking in the sun by Hari on 500px.com


Herring Gull by Hari on 500px.com


Cloud Gate by Hari on 500px.com


Caught you!! by Hari on 500px.com

You can '<3 'the picture on the top right corner if you would like to. Thank you.
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8 thoughts on “Favorite pictures.

  1. Oh my God, Aishwarya! These are brilliant! Please do pass on my compliments to him. I tried to <3 the pics but I don't have a 500px account and I think I need to sign up. But I must say, he sure has a good eye 🙂 Although, I'd love to see some of his portraits of his muse as well 😉 Maybe in your next post?

  2. I am proud of my bro The pictures conveys so many stories. I just can’t pick my favs but i think my absolute favs will be ‘really bro?’ , ‘i am coming for ya’, ‘lost in thoughts’, ‘homecoming’ ….. no I dont think I can pick favs.. loved them all <3 <3

  3. wow…brilliant & beautiful shots Aishu, saw his 500px gallery too, stunning photographs so expressive and sharp pictures. Thanks for sharing, cool treat to my eyes 🙂 I think I should take photography lesson from him..few tips and tricks at least 😉

    1. Awww thank you so much. Glad you like it. 🙂 He will be happy to help you with it. Next meet-up, let’s talk photography! 😀

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