Annoying topics of conversation.

As much as I love having conversation with adults at aΒ party/ get-together, I usually tend to hangout with the kids. They are the best (my type) and don’t ask me inappropriate questions. πŸ˜€ These are few of the topics which might not annoy you but it does annoy me like a noisy lawn mower at 7 in the morning.Β 

1. What do you do all day?-Β I don’t get annoyed at the question actually, I have patience to answer that but what annoys me is to see that person judge my life. Like seriously, what do you expect me to do everyday? Launch a rocket?

2. Are you guys planning for baby?-Β Excuse me? Don’t you think you’re crossing your boundaries?

3. How much do you earn? Why? Are you planning to donate me some if it’s too less?

4. Gifts-Β Again, what my husband or anyone gifts me is very personal and I find it really awkward to discuss and compare the gifts.

5. Body shaming-Β Fat people, dark people, short people are all beautiful. What’s not beautiful is you sitting and bashing people/yourself for no reason.

Thank God I don’t meet such people on daily basisΒ or else I might need a therapist just to calm me down Β πŸ˜› I din’t mean to offend anyone here but try not to get on my nerves please. Thank you. Let’s spread love, kindness and positivity. Less judging, less hate. OK? Also, how are you all doing? Long time! Did you miss my rants? πŸ˜€
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13 thoughts on “Annoying topics of conversation.

  1. Heyyyy welcome back! If it’s of any relevance at all, I missed your posts. :* I get hit with these annoying questions from the most random person. That’s when I do my nervous laugh and leave the room. And I secretly imagine them in a diaper which makes me feel much better πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you! :* Haha. I give them my WTF laugh too but it’s high time people realize that they are crossing their limits. I really hope at least one person change their attitude after reading this post and our comments.

  2. So happy to see you back! And yes, I’ve missed your signature Aishwarya rants. I love your posts for how much of your personality shows through them πŸ™‚
    The most annoying question I always kept getting asked was if I’d grown shorter. I never understood the point of that question because how is it even humanly possible for a growing child to grow shorter? At first, I used to smile and spell it out to people that I had in fact not grown shorter. But around the time of my wedding when an aunty asked me that question, I counter questioned her, asking her if she was sick and added extra masala in the end like “I hope you get well soon”. She never spoke to me after that. I agree it was a low blow from my side but she happened to be someone who asked me that dumb question every time we came face to face so I’d argue that she had it coming.

    1. Thank you, sweetie! πŸ™‚
      That’s so stupid and sometimes we have to give tit for tat so there’s nothing wrong in what you said. I really hope that helped them change their attitude. One of my family friends used to jokingly tell my dad to save up money for dowry since I was dark, people might ask for more dowry. I was so young that I din’t know that was just a joke. I have cried silently thinking my dad would go bankrupt. LOL. Silly people!!

      1. WHAT? Oh. my. god.
        That’s the most inappropriate thing I’ve heard in a while. And that too, on so many levels. I’m so sorry you had to go through that even though the person making those comments seemed to be “joking”. People really need to learn what’s appropriate conversation in a social setting. This makes me want to puke.

  3. Your posts give me a chance to vent :)).

    Same here first question annoys me like hell. I want to ask “how does it matter in your life @ what I do or don’t”

    The most irritating was how I could be a nanny and earn money :(( . Now even after having a kid, when I was told again, I told her straight in the face that I don’t think being a nanny is that easy. After all this, complain how their life is hard and I am having a easy life staying at home. Total nutcases 😐

    If I am asking you 10 questions about your life, I can digest all these nonsense advise. But I rarely open my mouth unless I am asked something. That makes me want to avoid parties altogether.

    1. Exactly Riya! I don’t know why are people so concerned as if they are paying our bills. LOL. They come up with the most bizzare career ideas for me, eg: roti business, Amway and what not. I respect them for what they are and I would expect that from others too. That’s the least anyone can do.

  4. Hello Aishwarya, am shantimohan and am lakshmi geeth’s aunty. Congrats for posting this topic. I liked it and am reading your writing for the first time. Lakshmi shared your posting on face book, that’s how I read this topic. Coming to the point aishwarya, ‘What do you do all day’ this question am getting through out my life, still getting from my relatives. Aishwarya , am a 48 year old woman . I don’t have children , may be because of that people still ask me about this. They think am wasting my time. May be its true . They must be thinking she doesn’t have any children or grand children to look after. So ‘what am I doing the whole day’. Sometimes it really hurts. Even after all these years ,next people ask me about is why you people didn’t do any treatments ? What did the Dr say etc etc. Even one of my relative told in front of others that we may not like to have any children. This is the world. Short people – some stand near me and tell am shorter . When I was small they used to comment about my wearing specs, my nose ( bonda mooku) mooku means nose etc etc. now my hair has grown fully white they comment on that. These things continue. sorry for boring you. I just opened up, seeing the relevance of your post in my life.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Aunty (if I may call you so). πŸ™‚ I’m so happy to see your comment, thanks for taking out time to read and comment here. People say the most ridiculous things and we can’t even defend ourselves cos that will be back-talking. sigh. I’m 29 and have lots of grey hair already and people ask me if I’m having any issues with my husband. I know that they are joking, but deep down it bothers me why do people think that way even if it’s a joke. Sadly, fat/ short/dark people face these kind of comments often. We should be glad that we have a pair of legs and a pair of hands that are functional. Not many are blessed like that. πŸ™‚ I really hope they gain some perspective and not hurt people with silly and unnecessary comments. Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you Aishwarya, you can definetly call me aunty. Keep writing God Bless. Now I have one more blog to read like Lakshmi geeth’s

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