Ajwain Crackers

Postpartum cravings are real! I din’t crave much for anything except apple and watermelon during my pregnancy but I’m craving a lot these days. My dad used to but us these crackers and cream biscuits from a local bakery and these were our after school snacks. I din’t know what these crackers were called so I had to guess the ingredients and google the recipe and both google and my tastebuds din’t fail me. I found a recipe which seemed close and I tweaked it a bit.

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DIY Headband

Ever since the gender reveal balloon burst out the ‘pink’ confetti, I have been a little cray cray about dressing up my baby girl. I kind of did a happy dance at a baby store and freaked the heck out of people there. Those tulle skirts, bloomers, headbands, moccasins… I know, right? That’s how giddy happy I feel too. I think I’m obsessed about baby headbands and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. At least my brother and FIL adore them on her as much as I do. As a crazy mom who’s *this* close to bankruptcy, went on Pinterest and browsed for ‘DIY Headbands’ and found this easy-peasy tutorial. Tutorial? LOL. Alright. This is how I made these cute headbands.
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Peanut butter-Oatmeal Lactation Cookies

Don’t get me wrong, these cookies are not just for breast-feeding mothers, these are regular cookies anyone can consume. I read somewhere that oatmeal is good for lactation and the minute I uttered it out, my husband made a quick Costco run and got a huge box of oats. Apart from having it in the form of oh-so-boring pudding, pancakes I made these cookies which were delicious. I’m not sure if it boosted my supply but hey at least I got an excuse to eat cookies. Here’s how I make them.
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Happy 2018!!

Hello helloooo! HAPPY 2018!

I’m back from a major break and if you.. *sneeze* Give me a minute, I’ll dust away the cobwebs here and be right back. It’s been so long since I entered my blog space that it has gathered so much dust.
So yeah, if you follow me on Instagram, you know why I was MIA. For others, this is what happened- 

So, we found out that we are pregnant last January.

First trimester, I kinda camped in our restroom for a brief period because I was throwing up most of the time. So I might as well stay there right? LOL

Second trimester, I felt a lot better and vacated from the restroom and and my husband surprised me with a surprise babymoon to Hawaii. 🙂

Third trimester, let’s just say, HORMONES-1, ME-0. ’nuff said? 
And then on September 24th, we had our baby girl and everyday has been sleepless great since then. 

For everyone who told me 2017 is gonna be MY year, THANK YOU!! It was really an amazing year, so many things checked off our bucket list. Above all, it feels great to be happy. Wish you all a very wonderful 2018!