This day, last year..

Jan 10th, 2017

I was down with flu and it was the first time I ever fell ill after moving to Chicago AND I was already due for my periods. Great! We were supposed to leave to India in a week and I had like zillion things on my to do list but all I wanted to do was whine sleep 24/7. Later that day, I was chatting with my husband who was at work..

Me- Did you notice how I’m all sane aka not PMSing?
H- LOL yes. Are you pregnant or what?
Me- huh why would you say that?
H- I don’t know. We should get you tested.
Me- huh. Actually I should take one since I’m due plus I NEVER fall sick.My immune system is compromised meaning something fishy. *channeling my inner Sherlock Holmes*
So Hari’s friend’s wife had sent me a few home pregnancy tests since she din’t need them anymore. I grabbed the pack, dusted it off and took the test and of course it came NEGATIVE.
I trashed it and went back to snoozeland. So that night while we were brushing before crashing, Hari asked me if I took test or not. I told him that I took it but it came out negative. He wanted me to show it to him and explain how it works. So yes, I put my hand in the trash and took out the test to see TWO lines which means POSITIVE. I was amused and was trying to scratch the second line to see if it’s like real. Hari thought something in the trash did something to the test and somehow two lines showed up. But I knew it meant POSITIVE. We decided to take another(digital) test the next morning as the ones we had were cheap/basic ones.
Jan 11, 2017
So the next morning, Hari went to the nearby drugstore and got a digital test and I tested POSITIVE. We still couldn’t believe it and wanted to go to the closest urgent care that evening. They had the same cheap/basic test that showed a very feeble second line which the oldie technician couldn’t see and said it’s NEGATIVE. Great! We then met with the doctor and she confirmed it’s POSITIVE. We came back home and broke the news to our parents. And that’s how we found out that we’re pregnant; picking-the-test-out-of-trash-and-scratching-the-heck-out-of-it, not even remotely similar to what I always dreamed. And yes, I’m that annoying person who says WE are pregnant.
A week after this was my dad’s first death anniversary and the fact that I was pregnant was some kind of comfort to me and my family. So grateful for this blessing. 🙂
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