How we named our baby.

Previously on ‘Treasured Chronicles’, you’d have read about ‘how we found out that we are pregnant‘. and that ‘we had our baby girl and how obsessed I’m about dressing her up‘.
So, when did we start brainstorming the baby names you ask?Β  As soon as we knew that we are having a baby gir… no wait.. Actually it started way before we even got pregnant like I think when I was in school. LOL. Jokes apart, sometime in 2016, I came across this name and kinda liked it. Who would have thunk that we would get pregnant and have a baby girl the next year? But it happened. My dream came true!! πŸ™‚ Straight outta soap opera, right?Β 
So, our baby girl’s name isΒ 

and I love it for so many reasons..
1. because my husband loved the name as soon as I suggested which is VERY rare.
2. the meaning- ‘put together’, ‘union’, ‘joined’
3. close to my dad’s name- many people lovingly call him ‘Swami/saami’ and we lovingly call our baby ‘Sammy/sam’.
4.Β  USA friendly- Sammy is so American friendly and less butcherable.Β 
5. above all, it suits her so well! πŸ™‚Β 
She has gazillion other names
We lovingly called our fetus ‘Chickoo’
When we were babymooning in Hawaii, we learnt that passion fruit in Hawaiian language is Lilikoi and we picked it from there.
We also call her lilikoi, chicklee, chickpea, pattu, chillbill, ladoo, bebe, booboo, bibi, bubby, bajji, cuckoo.. *annoying mom alert*
So this is how we picked the name for our baby girl. What’s your story? πŸ˜€
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6 thoughts on “How we named our baby.

  1. Hi, Aishwarya A Very big Congrats to you both. God Bless your beautiful baby doll and my blessings too. Beautiful name Samhita

    1. Hi Shanti aunty, thank you so much! πŸ™‚ I was telling my mom about you, how tech savvy and cool you are! πŸ˜€

  2. I love love love her name. A couple of years after I was born, my dad somehow arrived at the conclusion that a name starting with ‘S’ would be luckier for me. So he started looking up names again so he could bestow me with a second, unofficial one. He found the name Sanmaya which means ‘Blessing of Lord Vishnu’ (I think) and fell in love with it so much that he named the our home (which was bought subsequently), ‘Sanmayam’.

    I love that your bubzy’s name is very close to that name ❀️ and I love you!

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