Floral Nursery Tour

This time last year I was obsessively creating mood boards on Pinterest for baby’s nursery room. Eventually the room came together and I’m very happy how my Pinterest dream came true. We painted the room, we assembled the crib, I stuck pompoms to curtains because pompoms are SO cute, we arranged the closet (she has her own closet with tiny hangers!).  What was not on my ‘floral’ themed mood board was ‘jungle’ themed wall decal, it was baby’s dad’s idea and I was ok with it as it had some pastel colors. Here’s the tour of Sammy’s nursery room, I shot it long back and even uploaded on youtube but it took me more than a month to write a wee blogpost about it.

 Guess Sammy’s favorite part of the room? I’ll give you 3 seconds..




YES the decal! She’s been *really* into it since she was around 2 months. So much for all the mood boards and pompoms.
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