Quiet Book

Ever since I got pregnant, I wanted to do something for the baby. Like some people knit scarf/mittens, some people sew dresses. But I can’t do either of them so I settled for making headbands and something that is related to book. I wanted to create a story book but I can’t sketch to save the life of me. Great, now I feel like I’m not good at anything!! I came across this idea of quiet book and thought this looks cool so why not! You can find them easily on Amazon or any bookstore but the creative satisfaction that I get when I was making it or when I read this book to Sam is nothing compared to reading the mainstream books. I’m sure she will treasure it in future and I’m hoping it stays in one piece for her to treasure . Here’s how it looks, let me know how you like it!! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Quiet Book

  1. And the mom of the year award goes to….Aishwarya! ♥️ This is the best gift you can give Sam. Wow, take a bow!

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