Veggie Pasta in Instant Pot

This recipe has been a life-saver when we don’t have time or have the mood for cooking. I love how we can dump everything and it does all the work by itself. No babysitting, stirring in between whatsoever! Here’s how I make it.

1. 1 12 oz box pasta shells
2. 1 24 oz bottle of marinara sauce
3. 1 bell pepper, cubed
4. 2 cups of roughly chopped spinach
5. 2 cups water
6. Salt and pepper to taste
1. Add in all the ingredients to the inner pot and mix well.
2. Close the Instant Pot lid and secure it.
3. Turn the valve to ‘sealing’ mode.
4. Click on ‘Manual’ and set the timer to 5 minutes.
5. Let the pressure release naturally.
6. Open the lid, mix well. 
7. Serve with some Italian seasoning, red pepper flakes and some shredded cheese.
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