Of dreams and smiles- Part II

I have been sleeping well lately *knocks on wood* that I have started to get dreams!! I started losing sleep when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy due to pupps. Dang those rashes were so itchy and painful that I had to wake my husband or my mom up and cry to them to slather hydrocortisone or sandalwood paste all over my bump, legs and hands. I couldn’t sleep well for more than 2 hours at a stretch. As if this wasn’t enough I had to get up for peeing. Pupps went away after I delivered but I had to feed baby every 2 hours and she used to drink for an hour or so and then sometimes she wanted me to comfort feed her to make her sleep after that one hour of feeding. So basically no sleep so no dreams.

For those who are wondering why am I obsessed with dreams, I lost my dad two years ago and only way I get to be with him in the same space is in my dreams. Check part I for some perspective. I beg Universe for them and they are back as I’m sleeping pretty well these days i.e 5 hours lol. My ‘pretty well’ used to be 10 hours before getting pregnant. LOL. 
So my dad’s been making appearances now and then and God how I missed it. 
Dream 1– We were attending someone’s wedding and everyone starts dancing to bhangra and I’m hoping no one calls me to dance because I can’t dance to save the life of me. But, I’m so amused to see my dad do a little shaky and shimmy. I start to look for my phone to capture it.. I woke up when I heard Sammy crying. But I was so so glad even if it’s a short one, this can keep me happy and sane for days together. 
Dream 2– I call my brother and he’s busy shopping in some random mall in Melbourne. I ask him what’s dad upto and why is he not with you. He says dad wants to sleep all the time and doesn’t go out. I get worried and I’m tele-ported to Melbourne the  next second. LOL. He’s lying beside a bay window and I ask him what’s wrong with him.
He says, there’s no one to cook him food and that where ever he lived before, there were so many kind people who offered to cook him food when my mom wasn’t around. But there’s no one in Melbourne. And then I woke up… 

I know it doesn’t make much sense but these dreams are precious for me. I can keep talking about it for hours with my mom. When I told her about his dance and that I have never seen him dance at all, she said he danced like there’s no one watching when they attended ‘ The Art Of living’ course. It brought back a lot of good memories for mom and she sounded so happy and that made me so happy.
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2 thoughts on “Of dreams and smiles- Part II

  1. Have a child, then sleep becomes a luxury. Glad you can enjoy it now..in bits, though 😀
    As long as you relieve the dreams and that makes you feel good and happy, brings back good memories, never mind about it being silly or nonsense. Happiness is all that matters at the end. Your’s is so special since it makes maami also happy!! Keep dreaming, ice!! 🙂

    Pchh, wish I too had watched maama dance!! All I remember is his marana kalaai of TV anchors 😀

    1. Your comment are always so soothing to read, Maan. 🙂 Also, TV Anchors LOL brings back so many ridiculously funny memories.. XD

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