Easy Purée Ideas For Babies

I introduced solids to Sammy when she was around five months old as her doctor suggested. I breastfeed her as usual and give these as a complimentary food. I started with finger-millet porridge and some vegetable/fruit purée. I followed the 3 day rule for a month i.e I’d give her one fruit/vegetable and wait for 3 days to introduce anything new and I gave her only single ingredient purees so that it will be easy to tell what caused her the allergy. Here are some of the ideas.

1. Apple purée
Wash, cut and peel the skin of apple. De-core and remove the seeds. Cut into small chunks and steam it until soft. Mash it with some breast milk or formula if needed.

2. Carrot purée
Wash and peel the carrots. Cut them into small pieces and steam them until soft. Blend it into smooth purée by adding some water/breastmilk/formula if necessary. 

3. Banana purée
Peel and mash or blend the banana into a smooth purée.

4. Beetroot purée
Wash and peel the skin. Cut into chunks and steam them until soft. Blend into a smooth purée.

5. Kiwi purée
Remove the skin and blend the kiwi into a smooth purée. 

6. Sweet potato purée
Peel and cut the sweet potato into small chunks and steam them until soft around 15 mins. Blend into smooth purée and add water/breastmilk/formula to adjust consistency.

7. Pear purée
Peel, core and cut the pear into big chunks. Steam or boil in some water in a sauce pan for around 10 minutes or until soft. Blend into a smooth puree by adding water or milk if necessary.

8. Peas purée
Boil the peas until soft and grind them into a smooth puree by adding some water or milk.

9. Cauliflower purée
Wash and steam the cauliflower florets and grind it into a smooth puree.

10. Avocado purée
Slice the avocado into half and remove the pit. Scoop out the flesh and blend it into a smooth puree by adding some water/breastmilk.

11. Broccoli purée
Cut the broccoli head into small florets. Wash and steam them and blend them into a smooth puree.

12. Blueberry/raspberry/strawberry/blackberry purée
Wash well and grind it into a smooth puree with formula or some yogurt.

13. Peach/Nectarine purée
Peel the skin, cut and remove the pit. Steam/boil in a saucepan until soft and blend them into a smooth purée.

14. Spinach purée
Wash and steam the spinach leaves. Blend them into a smooth purée. 

15. Potato purée
Peel and steam the potato and blend into a smooth puree.

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