BLW | Dryfruit Ladoo

Sammy and I made this dry-fruit laddu for Diwali this year.  She helped me dump everything in the blender and I let her make some laddus which ended up on the floor. xD But it’s fun cooking with her and this is the only way she lets me cook. My husband and I both have a sweet tooth and no prizes for guessing, Sammy has a sweet tooth too! I let her have one of these laddus for her mid-morning or evening snack along with some milk. She is the happiest when I let her have anything sweet and I don’t mind as these are sugar free and very healthy

  1. Dates- 1 cup
  2. Cashews- 1/2 cup (I had only cashew with me, you can add almonds/pistachios/walnuts too)
  3. Raisins- 2 tsp
  4. Cardamom powder- a pinch

Blend everything in a blender until everything is well blend. Spread it in a plate and make balls. Make sure there’s no big piece of cashew as it could choke your baby. Keep it refrigerated.
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