5 activities to do with animal figurines.

During my last visit to India I got Sammy a lot of toys, books, puzzles, flashcards and this animal figurine set. She’s so fascinated by them and always picks them over other toys. Sammy is currently 18 months  and these are some of the activities I have tried with her using the animal figurines. The list of activities can be endless, let your (or your kid’s) imagination run wild and have fun playing with the animals. This helps with your toddler’s fine motor skills and also learn animal names and their characteristics but mostly it is just another fun activity to entertain your clingy toddler.

1. Associate with their favorite books – Whenever we read Dear Zoo or Brown bear, brown bear , what do you see?, I ask Sammy to pick the animal that is on the page, she gets thrilled to pick the right animal and hands it to me. You can try with any of your child’s favorite animal book.

2. Taping the animals- This activity was inspired by @busytoddler on Instagram, you just tape the animals to a board or cookie sheet. Hand it to your toddler and let them have fun untaping them. They find it tricky to get the tape off their fingers and it’s so much fun to watch them. 

3. Rescue the animals-  Fill a large bowl with water and put all the animals into them (oops). Lay a towel beside them and pass a tea filter or strainer or just a ladle to your toddler who will rescue the animals from the water and would place them on the towel/mat to dry them. Sammy went ahead and sang a lullaby to animals after patting them dry.

4. Hide the animals- Hide the animal figurines in a foil/ playdough/sand and let your champ find it for you.

5. Animal matching game- I lay the flashcards down on the floor and I hand the figurines one by one and Sammy matches it with the animal on the flashcards. If you don’t have animal flash cards, you can make do with printouts. 

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