Toddler Activity | Painting the snow

When life gives you snow in April, you scoop it, bring it indoors and paint it and say good bye. Like seriously, I can’t wait to say bye bye snow, hello cherry blossoms. Snow painting is such a great activity for kids to do in Winter without having to step out. This activity was a hit with my toddler and to be honest I loved it too.

So, what is snow painting anyway? Well, scoop some snow into the tray and paint them! YUP! That’s it!  So easy and!

You will need
1. A tray or container
2. Non-toxic paint (I used watercolors)
3. Paint brushes 
4. Some water for the paint

Fill the container with some snow. Dip the paint brushes in water and pick the color from the palette and dab it on the snow.
Sammy transferred the snow from one container to another after painting. 
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