Activity ideas using pool noodle

We made a quick Dollar Tree run over the weekend and picked up few stuff for Sammy’s activities. First thing that caught Sammy’s attention  was a pool noodle. She was thrilled to see it for some reason. So, I had to bring it home and do a quick Pinterest search and found so many awesome ideas. Here are a few that were tried, tested and loved by a 18 month old. For all the activities below, you need to cut the pool noodle into smaller rings like in the picture below. All the activities need adult supervision and some help initially till they get the idea. These activities helps with fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, learn numbers/alphabets in the process of having fun is always a BONUS 🙂 

1. Fishing the pool noodles – Drop the pool noodle rings into a bowl/tub full of water and let your toddler fish it out using a tea strainer/ fishing net and place on a drying mat.

2. Threading – Tie a ribbon or a string to a small spoon/ clothing pin and let your toddler thread the pool noodle rings.

3. Inserting it in paper towel holder – Push the pool noodle rings one by one into the paper towel holder. You can also write numbers or alphabets on the noodle rings and ask your toddler to stack in a certain order. for eg 1-10 or their name.

4. Mess- free painting- We got this aqua doodle mat and she dips a pool noodle ring in water and just dabs on the mat. No paint, no mess. Happy child. happy mom.

5. Messy painting- Ahaa. I know what you must be thinking buy hey once in a while it’s really fun to get messy. Give your toddler some non-toxic paint and let them coat the pool noodle ring in some paint and dab it on a paper or canvas. 

6. Place the pompom- Put some pompoms in a bowl and let your toddler grab a pompom in a spoon and watch them place it gently on a pool noodle hole. Sammy liked to push the pompoms after placing it. 

7. Use it as a bat- Cut the pool noodle into two and use it as a bat to push a ball or blown up balloon around the house. Good activity to do right before nap time. 😀

8. Sorting- If you have pool noodles of different colors, you can mix them up and ask your toddler to color sort them. 

I hope this post was useful to you. I do have a couple more ideas but I don’t think it’s for a  18 month old. Let’s save it for later 🙂 Also, let me know if you have any ideas.
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